Clinton Launching Florida Tour In Lake Worth

Nov 2, 2012

They’re lining up in Lake Worth this morning for their last chance to watch Bill Clinton campaign for President Obama. Clinton is beginning a five-stop Florida swing that will take him to Fort Myers, Palm Bay, St. Petersburg and Tallahassee before the day is over.

Lake Worth Early Birds: Even this late in the campaign, Bill Clinton draws crowds.
Credit Christine diMattei /

He's scheduled to speak at Palm Beach State College at 9 a. m.

Clinton spent part of yesterday in another critical swing state, Ohio, where he punished Mitt Romney for persisting with a disputed claim that Jeep intends to outsource manufacturing to China.

His campaign duties seem to be taking a toll on Clinton. "My voice is a little weak," he told a crowd of students at Owens Community College in Perrysburg, Ohio. "But I wasted it in a good cause."

The cause is no less in Florida where President Obama and Romney remain essentially tied. Quinnipiac gives Obama a 1-point lead. But CNN/ORC, Real Clear Politics and New York Times meta-pollster Nate Silver say it's Romney with the 1-point advantage.