Churches Hope To Unite Flocks After Election

Oct 18, 2012

After the final vote is cast next month, the country may be in need of some healing and reconciliation.

That's the idea behind Election Day Communion.

Hundreds of churches across the country will be holding services election night and serving communion including one in South Florida.

Reverend Spencer Potter is the rector of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Palmetto Bay.

He says the service will be a time for the whole congregation to unite.

"No matter who we voted for - whether we chose to vote for Mitt Romney or whether we chose to vote for Barack Obama or whether we chose not to vote at all - this will be a choice to come together with God, and so it will be one service at one table with one God and a coming together knowing that we're all in this together," said Potter.

Potter says the service will also be used to soothe the feelings of those whose candidate didn't come out on top and to reassure them that God is in control.