Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Want To Partner With Florida To Lower Health Care Costs

Mar 24, 2015

The Florida Legislature is debating on whether to expand Medicaid. About two weeks ago, the Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill that would expand health care coverage to about 800,000 low-income Floridians using billions in federal dollars.

Patrick Conway, chief medical officer for the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, speaking with Donna Shalala, president of University of Miami at the university's annual health care conference this year.
Credit Gort Productions

And the U.S. Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services would have to grant the state a waiver to get the federal funds.

Patrick Conway is the chief medical officer for CMS. He spoke at University of Miami’s healthcare conference Monday.

"Our goal is to really partner with the providers and the people in the state of Florida to improve quality and lower costs," says Conway. 

But CMS has already rejected some components of the bill found in other states.

The bill still needs to be considered by the House.

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