Can’t Make It To The Key West Literary Seminar? Meet Us There On Twitter

Jan 11, 2013

Just because you can’t drive down for the 31st annual Key West Literary Seminar, doesn’t mean you can’t take part.

Curt Richter pairs real portraits with fictional biographies.

WLRN is teaming up with the KWLS folks to bring the conversations online.

That starts today with a project based on the work of KWLS participant, photographer Curt Richter. Richter is a portrait photographer who has an interesting way to marry his photographs with words. He asks writers to look at some of his subjects and then "invented" biographies as if the short stories were real.

You can try your hand at a fictional biography, too. All weekend, we’ll be tweeting out Richter’s images for KWLS and inviting you to tweet back your 140-character imagined biographies.

Send your entries to @WLRN #WoWBio. The best pairings will be featured here on

You can learn more about the seminar at its website. The theme this year is Writers on Writers:

Our thirty-first annual seminar will explore some of the great writers of the past two centuries, from Emily Dickinson to D.H. Lawrence, from Sylvia Plath to John Cheever, from Henry James to Flannery O’Connor. Led by preeminent biographers, critics, and novelists, “Writers on Writers” will mark a deep and lively exploration of the literary imagination, and a meditation on the crossroads between life and art.

And check back here for more KWLS events.

On Tuesday, we’ll be asking you to write a story with us and one of the famous authors at the seminar.