Burger Formerly Known As "Bron" Is Now "Gone"

Jul 14, 2014

A local restaurant called OneBurger in Coral Gables created the Bron Burger back when LeBron James first announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat.

The ingredients are listed on a big sign on the wall:

The Gone burger was formerly known as the Bron burger.
Credit Carla Javier / WLRN

  • Kaiser roll ("Kaiser is the German word for king.")
  • Kobe beef ("Cuz Bron eats Kobe for dinner.")
  • Swiss cheese
  • Onion ring ("Brother gonna wear some rings," the sign reads.)
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Mustard
  • Jalapeños ("Dude loves the heat")


"Used to love the heat," Mejia says.

After the big news, the name "Bron Burger" didn't quite fit. So they figured out a new one.

"The Gone burger, formerly known as the Bron burger," Mejia says.

The sign for the Gone burger at OneBurger in Coral Gables.
Credit Carla Javier / WLRN

But much like former Heat player LeBron James, the Gone burger isn't here to stay. 

"For me, it's the best burger on the menu. I guess, I mean we gotta leave it but somehow try to change the name or just put someone else's name," he says. "Kinda the same ingredients, but different. Like some other touch to the burger to make it it's own burger."

But LeBron burgers aren't gone for good.

Chef Michael Symon already tweeted at LeBron James. He says he'll let James design his own burger just the way he likes it.

The burger would be featured at Symon's restaurant -- in Cleveland.