Bringing Clarity To Miami’s Murky Canals

Apr 12, 2012

This Monday when WLRN announced that contributor Terence Cantarella will embark on a historic voyage next Monday to circumnavigate Miami’s canal systems via canoe, we got a flood of feedback from our audience. Mostly urban legends.  Oral tradition and fear of the unknown  have long informed some of us that creepy things are hiding in the murky waters.  For a city that prides itself on being on the water, it seems that water is limited to Miami Beach for some.

Recently we sat down with the Miami River Commission Chairman Horacio Aguirre to separate the truth from the myth about these waterways.  We asked you–our audience–on social media and the Public Insight Network what you wanted to know about the canals.  You asked: Where did the canals come from?  Why were they built?  What lives down there?  The ultimate question: What died down there?

It all makes for a fabulous story, thanks to you who contributed.  Tell us, what did you think about the question regarding pollution?  Is there something missing from this overall picture?

We are looking forward to Terence’s launch next Monday.  Keep coming back for daily posts, tune in to 91.3 every morning and afternoon, and follow the journey on Twitter with #canoeproject.

The myth busting has officially begun.