Borscht Film Festival Begins

Dec 14, 2012

The homegrown Borscht Film Festival is underway and in its eighth incarnation now.

It started as a group of New World of the Arts high school students who shared a common love of film. They stayed in touch,

Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva of Borscht Corp.
Credit Borscht Corp.

even as they scattered across the country to hone their skills.

“As we all kind of graduated high school and we all went off to school, out of state, mostly New York and California, we realized there was something special about Miami and things that are happening here and realized there was a lot of opportunity to tell stories that weren’t being told before,” Leyva says.

Upon migrating back to the Miami area,  Borscht Corp. was born.

When the short films started coming at a regular clip, the Borscht Film Festival became a way to introduce their work to the public.

Borscht is a recent recipient of a $500,000 Knight Foundation Grant.