Bill Nelson: I Am Still 'Petrified' Of Florida's New Voting Law

Oct 18, 2012

This year's presidential election is getting closer and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., still doesn't feel too good about the state's new voting law.

He stopped by the Miami Herald today to talk about his debate against his opponent, Connie Mack, last night. He talked about immigration and the Space Coast, among other things, but he also voiced how he feels about Florida's new voting law.

At the beginning of this year, Nelson and his colleague in the Senate, Dick Durbin, held a congressional hearing in Tampa. The hearing focused on the state's new voting law and "whether controversial new voting restrictions implemented this year in more than a dozen states resulted from an orchestrated effort to disenfranchise seniors, young voters and minorities."

Since that time, a court has halted part of the law that made it more difficult for third party groups to register voters.

However, Nelson says he is still concerned.

"I am petrified," he says.

Nelson says that the Republican-led Legislature "took a law that made voting easier" and effectively made voting more difficult of seniors and college students.

He says he is unsure how all the new changes to voting rules in Florida will pan out in this election.

"We are going to see how this works," Nelson says. "I think it's yet to be determined."

Nelson also says that he expects the president will be doing very well among voters in Florida after this week's "stellar" debate performance. However, he does concede that it will be a tough race.

"In Florida, it will be a nail-biter," he says.