Behind Palace Doors

Aug 3, 2017


Beginning behind palace doors and ending in the carnage of World War I, QUEEN VICTORIA AND THE CRIPPLED KAISER is the fascinating story of a royal family marred by shame, cruelty, and incestuous desires. Featuring a long-hidden cache of intimate family letters, this gripping historical documentary examines the complex dynamic between the young Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert (the future Kaiser Wilhelm II), and his mother Vicky, the eldest child of Queen Victoria of England. Born with a permanently paralyzed arm, Wilhelm endured crude and cruel procedures to cure his disability at the behest of his mother, creating a highly dysfunctional rapport between the two. This poisoned family relationship helped shape the future of a continent, turning the boy born to unite the royal families of Britain and Germany into the man who tore them apart.


9pm GREAT ESTATES SCOTLAND: Rosslyn - Visit Rosslyn Chapel, believed by many to be the home to the Holy Grail. 

Rossyln Chapel

Step back in time to the middle ages to visit the iconic Rossyln Chapel made famous by Dan Brown's the DaVinci Code. Many believe it to be home to the Holy Grail, the skull of St. Matthew or John the Baptist or even of Jesus Christ. Discover the myths and legends of this great estate.  Decode it's fascinating history. The program seeks answers and makes breathtaking discoveries.