Beckham's Stadium Still Homeless: Major League Soccer Rejects Marlins Park Location

Jun 17, 2014

Credit Miami Herald

David Beckham's stadium is yet to find a home in South Florida -- and Major League Soccer officials are kicking aside locations that aren't in downtown Miami.

MLS recently rejected the proposal to build Beckham's stadium next to Marlins Park, the former Orange Bowl site. MLS president Mark Abbott says the stadium needs to be downtown to be successful, the Miami Herald reports. But six years ago, MLS seriously considered the former Orange Bowl location.

In 2008, plans were drawn up and agreements were drafted for a "sister soccer stadium" next to Marlins Park. Although talks were progressive, they died down and deals were never finalized.  The stadium would have cost around $100 million and would have seated 20,000 to 25,000 people. 

MLS says it has seen other teams succeed in urban neighborhoods, which is one of the reasons they want to build the stadium downtown. Also, much of their fan base comes from Millennials, a demographic that's extremely relevant in downtown Miami.

Beckham still has options, though. Southwest Miami-Dade County Commissioner Juan C. Zapata is recommending Beckham build the stadium at Florida International University. Palm Beach County is also interested in Beckham's stadium, proposing a stadium location at Florida Atlantic University. 

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