Basel Leaves Brushstrokes On Broward Art World

Dec 6, 2012

Pompano Beach gallery owner Tom Rossetti.
Credit C. DiMattei
"Fort Lauderdale isn't quite there yet. But I want us to get there."

While Art Basel takes Miami by storm, the feeder bands have already reached the fine arts community in Broward County.

Pompano Beach gallery owner Tom Rossetti says he is readily jumping aboard the Art Basel bandwagon by launching his second annual "Basel Broward" event this week.

Rossetti started calling for artist entries for Basel Broward about six weeks ago.

"I try to encourage the artists to be current and be contemporary and 'Let's get with Miami,' “ says Rossetti.  “I feel like Miami's different.  It’s a different audience and it's different collectors and it's international. And Fort Lauderdale isn't quite there yet, but I want us to get there."

The Basel Broward call-out to artists urged them to "think outside the box" and push the creative envelope.

"I think you have a slightly more sophisticated art scene going on in Miami," says Pompano Beach art lover Sheila Postma.  "But I think you've got a lot of undiscovered art up here."

Unlike Miami's Art Basel, which ends on Sunday, Rosetti's "Basel Broward" in Pompano Beach will run until early January.