Ban On “Conversion Therapy” For Gay Youth Advances In Miami-Dade

Jul 12, 2017

Therapists in the Miami-Dade suburbs would be banned from trying to change a child’s sexual orientation under a proposed county law that passed a committee vote on Wednesday.

“Just the gall of people thinking you can just change someone because you do not agree with their choices or what happens in their life. When it is not a choice. It is a way of life,” Commissioner Barbara Jordan said before casting one of three Yes votes for the proposal. “I didn’t choose to be born. I was born.”

With the proposed county rule, Miami-Dade would join a national movement led by gay-rights groups to prevent the discredited practice of trying to coax someone into changing their sexual orientation or gender identity. Miami and Miami Beach and other cities have already enacted local bans on offering the practice to minors, and the county rule would extend the restrictions to areas in Miami-Dade that are outside city jurisdictions.

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