Baboon Bandits & Baby Animals

Jul 28, 2017

8pm WILD! - Nature/Wildlife

BABOON BANDITS - They steal handbags, open cars and have no respect for humans. The last baboons of the Table Mountain region have become a real plague. The resident population is split into sympathetic protectors and fierce opponents. The animals are deliberately run over by cars, shot and poisoned. The days of the last baboons at the Cape seem to be numbered.


9pm - NATURE: Animal Childhood - Nature/Documentary 

In every animal’s life, there comes a time when it must make its own way in the world. For many, this happens just moments after birth when they have to rely entirely on their instincts to survive. But for some youngsters, there is time to grow up under their parents’ tutelage and care.  They are nurtured and taught the necessary skills to help them survive in the wild when they leave home.