AP: Bondi Not Backing GOP On Fight Over State Supreme Court Justices

Oct 9, 2012

Florida's Attorney General, Pam Bondi, says she's not backing the state GOP's effort to oust three state Supreme Court Justices.

The Florida GOP is currently endorsing a conservative effort to remove Justices Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince from the Florida Supreme Court. All three are considered by conservatives to be the most liberal members of the Court-- and they are up for a merit retention vote this year. This means Floridians will vote on whether these judges get to keep their job at the state's highest court.

Americans for Prosperity, and other conservative groups, are also behind the effort.

However, according to the Associated Press, Bondi is not joining them.

Bondi, the state's chief legal officer, said Tuesday that she has cases before the high court, and she won't say if she agrees with the decision by party leaders. Bondi's comments echo other top Republicans. Several have said party leaders have a right to speak their minds on the justices but have also refused to endorse the party position.

So far, Gov. Rick Scott has not said whether he supports the effort to remove the three justices.