Ancient Artifacts and Epic Reunions

Apr 28, 2018

8pm HISTORY DETECTIVES - Documentary – Exploring the stories behind artifacts and historical curiosities.

Digging deeper into the complexities of historical mysteries, by using traditional investigative techniques, modern technologies and old-fashioned legwork to provide new insights into our national history, and oftentimes presents a human story associated with age-old artifacts. 

IN THIS EPISODE: John Brown's Spear, U.S. Bullet in Siberia and Ronald McDonald's suit - A spear from John Brown's raid on the federal armory in Harpers Ferry;  the investigation as to why U.S. troops were in Siberia during World War I and a look at Ronald McDonald's first costume.

9pm WE'LL MEET AGAINHistory - Events in modern American history and personal stories from people who were affected by them; host Ann Curry.

CHILDREN OF WWII - Witness dramatic reunions between people separated during WWII.


Children of WWII - We'll Meet Again

A Japanese-American woman sent to a confinement camp hopes to find the childhood friend whose acts of kindness helped her cope. And a survivor from a Jewish ghetto in Shanghai searches for the daughter of the couple who became surrogate parents during the war years.


When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the fall out was far-reaching. The next day, President Roosevelt declared war on Japan, changing the lives of millions of people overnight. Not least for two small children on opposite sides of the world.