American Fare At “La Vaquita”

Jun 22, 2011

Farm Stores have been a staple of South Florida since the 1950s, when the chain opened its first drive-through store in South Beach. Generations have taken advantage of its convenience, picking up necessities such as milk and eggs and treats such as ice cream. Today, there are 100 stores across South Florida.

As the landscape of South Florida evolved with an influx of Cubans and other Latin Americans in the 1960s and in the following decades, Farm Stores evolved as well. In the ’70s, it transformed into a 7-Eleven style convenience store, but soon returned to its drive-through roots with a Latin twist. Now, in addition to milk, eggs and ice cream, you can pick up pan cubano, flan and tres leches.

If you find yourself in Hialeah in need of a cup of sugar, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who knows where the local Farm Store is. But if you ask for “La Vaquita,” you will be pointed in the right direction. The name “La Vaquita” or “Little Cow” comes from the cow in the company logo.

Former Under the Sun Intern Julia Longoria speaks with Farm Stores CEO Carlos Bared about the company’s roots and its future. She also takes listeners along during a walk with her father, Jose, reminiscent of the walks he would take as a teenager with his father to the local Farm Store for an evening treat. Not having a car didn’t deter them from ordering classic American fare – a gallon of milk and a box of Neapolitan ice cream – at the drive-through window.