Amendment Two Gets Majority Of Votes, Does Not Pass

Nov 5, 2014

Jesus Rodriguez, left, and Adrianna Machado, both of Miami, wait for the results of the election at the Leafly and the Florida MMTC Institute's Amendment 2 election watch party at Gramps in Miami on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014.
Credit Jon Durr / Miami Herald Staff

Medical marijuana supporters in Florida were unsuccessful Tuesday night in garnering enough votes to pass Amendment Two.

Although 57.6 percent of votes were in support of Amendment Two, which would have legalized medical marijuana, the votes did not meet the 60-percent requirement to pass the amendment. 

WLRN reporter Diego Saldana-Rojas attended an Amendment Two watch party at Gramps Bar in Wynwood.

He said supporters were sharing drinks and watching the results fluctuate on large TV screens.

"It was a pretty quiet night here at Gramps compared to what I was expecting," Saldana-Rojas said.

At the Culmer Center in Overtown, Willie Hepburn voted yes on Amendment Two -- but with some reservations.

"If someone needs medical marijuana, I don’t see why they shouldn’t give it to them, so I said yes to it," he said. "But I don’t know anything about, let’s say, somebody who doesn’t really need it being able to get access to it.”

Hepburn showed up with a van full of his co-workers to the polling location, which he said was very quiet.

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