Accusations fly for Inspector George Gently. Find the truth on WLRN-TV.

Jul 31, 2014

Inspector George Gently: Gently in the Cathedral (8:00 pm)

A career criminal from London has been released from prison after successfully appealing that Gently had fabricated evidence against him. Now Gently finds himself suspended from duty and under investigation by the Met.


Dalziel and Pascoe - ON BEULAH HEIGHT Part 1 & 2 (9:30 and 10:30 pm)


On Beulah Height finds Dalziel and Pascoe heading up a search for Lorraine Dacre, a little girl who went out for a walk with her dog one cheery summer morning and vanished. Her disappearance sends a wave of panic through her small Yorkshire hometown of Danby, because it harks back to the disappearances of three other local girls 15 years earlier. Dalziel, who failed to solve those disappearances, is determined to find Lorraine.