'47 Percent' Video Maker Worried More About Romney Ties To Asian Sweatshops

Nov 19, 2012

Miami New Times scored an interview with Anne Onymous, the reputed maker of the 47 percent video that so catastrophically damaged the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

In it, Romney -- as he addresses supporters at the Boca Raton home of fundraiser Marc Leder -- is heard dismissing and disavowing responsibility for the 47 percent of the American population he sees as dependents of the federal government. The video was uncovered by former  President Jimmy Carter's grandson, James Carter IV, who turned it over to Mother Jones. 

Anne  Onymous didn't say much to Miami New Times, but some of what makes her tick emerges:

The spark that started her filming wasn't outrage over inequality or taxes but rather the Republican's ties to a Hong Kong sweatshop called Global-Tech Appliances.

Of Anne Onymous's 449 tweets, nearly one in six detail Romney's Chinese connections. Her Twitter bio is particularly informative: "Mitt Romney admits buying [a] Chinese sweatshop while at Bain. 20,000 young girls. 12 girls per room. 120 girls per bathroom. Huge fences with guard towers." Next, the profile links to the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights, which has researched Romney's ties to Global-Tech. 

The video laid waste to the Romney campaign. Conservative columnist Mona Charen said even his high poll results for leadership and vision couldn't overcome it:

Yet on the question "cares about the problems of people like me," he was crushed by 81 to 18. Even Republican-leaning voters were influenced. The secretly recorded "47 percent" video will likely go down in history as the most consequential tape since Watergate — sealing as it did Romney's image (already unscrupulously distorted by the Obama team) as a cold elitist.The Romney campaign, moreover, seemed dazed and deflated by the 47 percent episode, unable to recover and offer damage control. 

According to one calculation, the Anne Onymous 47 percent video cost the Romney campaign $411 million.

By the way, President Carter's grandson is still making news with discovered media.