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Slice of Life
10:00 am
Thu August 16, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: Swamp Walking In The Everglades

Just what kind of person goes on a Swamp Walk? Join us and find out as we experience the Florida Everglades up close and personal!

Slice of Life
10:00 am
Fri August 10, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: South Florida Pioneer Glen Curtiss

A look at an aviation pioneer (and one of South Florida's best kept secrets)! Who was Glen Curtiss?

Slice of Life
12:00 am
Mon August 6, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: Parking Garage Art On Miami Beach

A close look at the 1111 parking garage, located on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach!

Slice of Life
10:00 am
Sat August 4, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: The Controversial Life And Art of Hannes Bend

A look at the unique and controversial work of a German artist in South Florida.

Slice of Life
3:00 pm
Wed August 1, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: Yoga On The Beach

A look at the more peaceful side of Miami.

Slice of Life
4:00 pm
Fri July 20, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: Free Hugs Abound In Miami With Kemy Joseph

It's all about free hugs, man. A look at Kemy Joseph and his one-man mission.

Slice of Life
2:27 pm
Tue June 19, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: Artist Subi Roberto Paints Downtown Miami

A behind-the-scenes look at artist Subi Roberto's undertaking of an ambitious mural in Downtown Miami.

Slice of Life
10:00 am
Fri June 1, 2012

SLICE OF LIFE: Horse Riding In Davie

A look at equestrians in Davie, Florida.

Canoe Project
4:37 pm
Mon April 16, 2012

Meet Terence, The Man Behind The Canoe Project

Jose A. Iglesias for El Nuevo Herald

Most South Florida residents don’t have the luxury of flying to the Amazon when they have an urge for adventure.  Some might go to Shark Valley or drive up north for some good old-fashioned hiking, but if you are stuck in the city where can you get your fix?

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Under the Sun
12:40 pm
Wed February 1, 2012

Interview: Jad Abumrad Of Radiolab

Radiolab hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich.

Thanks to those of you who submitted questions and suggestions for WLRN Miami Herald News director Dan Grech’s interview with Radiolab host Jad Abumrad.

We were able to use several of your questions and suggestions.

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Under the Sun
4:40 pm
Thu September 1, 2011

Readers Share Green Flash Photos

Kerry Maxwell

Under the Sun recently ran a piece on green flashes – a green light that appears in the sky for a fleeting moment when the sun dips below the horizon. Many believe the green flash to be a myth, but it actually has a scientific explanation: refraction. We asked readers if they had ever seen a green flash. Many sent us stories and pictures of their experience with the atmospheric phenomenon.


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