Tristram Korten

Tristram Korten covers crime, conflict and the environment throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and U.S. His work has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Fast Company, Details,, MacleansMiami Herald, as well as on South Florida's public radio station WLRN. Korten has won numerous awards, most recently a National Headliner "Best of Show" for a radio piece on rising international fugitive rates and the difficulty extraditing them. He is a contributing editor at the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting and is currently a Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan.

Under the Sun
3:15 pm
Mon March 18, 2013

A True Old World Craftsman

Abe Rich in his shop.
Alicia Zuckerman

For years, billiards aficionados made a kind of pilgrimage to a place called Star Cue. It was a tiny shop just off Fifth Street in South Beach—tucked behind Flower Bazaar, an upscale floral boutique. Holocaust survivor Abe Rich made some of the country’s most coveted pool cues. Tristram Korten stopped in and spoke with Rich shortly before he passed away.

Under the Sun
1:22 pm
Thu June 30, 2011

Fugitives On The Run, Bondsmen On The Hunt

Diaz questions occupants inside a house in Homestead.
Colby Katz / Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

If you ever find yourself charged with a crime, a bail bondsman can be your best friend. When a judge sets bail and the defendant doesn’t have the money to pay, the bondsman posts the money in exchange for an upfront fee – usually 10 percent of the bond amount – and property as collateral. All the defendant has to do is show up to court.

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Under the Sun
3:13 pm
Tue March 10, 2009

What’s Up With South Florida?: South Florida’s Own Bridge To Nowhere

What’s Up With South Florida?

This story originally aired in 2009. But we are still interested in hearing about your design solutions/problems and questions you have about I-95.

In our segment, What’s Up With South Florida?, we invited you to tell us what you find confusing or unusual about South Florida.