Robert Samuels

Robert Samuels likes reporting mostly because the job scares his mother. On assignments, he has been punched in the face (twice) and mooned by a convicted sex offender. He’s been attacked by a (standard) poodle and chased by a cow. He’s brought muscular men to tears and brought elderly women to furor. Now, he writes about the curious corners of the Washington region for The Washington Post, where he’s worked since 2011. Samuels won regional and state awards covering life and politics in South Florida over his five years at The Miami Herald and had also previously worked at at, The Roanoke Times, the St. Petersburg Times, the Detroit Free Press. His first Under the Sun piece was the harrowing tale for a family’s search for a grave that was lost amidst the changing face of Miami. He co-reported a story with Kenny Malone about the agricultural program at William Turner Technical High School, which is where the cow chased him.