Richard Ives

Senior Producer

Richard Ives came to WLRN in September 2000 to begin a new career in radio. Born in Fort Lauderdale, his family moved to Long Island, New York, where he grew up. After graduation from college and an unsatisfying stint in a job that, as he puts it, "paid the bills but for which I had no passion" he found himself contemplating a midlife career change after being laid-off.

With the assistance of supportive family members who were once again residing in Florida he returned to the Fort Lauderdale area and went back to school for broadcasting. Richard found the passion that his previous job lacked when he discovered public radio. Upon finishing school he sought out an internship at WLRN. That proved to be "a stroke of good fortune in the extreme" as he came under the tutelage of Joseph Cooper who along with other WLRN radio staff helped him to further develop the skills necessary for a career in Public radio.

Though "it's a bit of a struggle to find the time" he still likes to run, listen to live music, get tattooed, and socialize with family and friends. "I love to meet new people and working at WLRN has afforded me the opportunity to meet, and work with, an amazing assortment of people. The experience has enriched my life beyond anything I would've imagined."

Richard Ives can be contacted at 305-995-7664 or

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