Pilar Uribe

Radio Announcer

Pilar Uribe is an established actor for television, film, stage, and voiceover in both Spanish and English. Born and raised in New York City, and educated at Sweet Briar College in Virgina, she launched an international career when a three week visit to her parents' native country of Colombia turned into a nine year stay, as she found work acting in several telenovelas, Yo Soy Betty La Fea, among others. In Miami, Pilar has been involved in theatre, most notably, “9 Parts of Desire”, for which she received a Carbonell nomination for Best Actress. After discovering an affinity for voiceover dubbing, Pilar has dubbed hundreds of characters from various languages into English as well as English to Spanish. She also narrates audiobooks in both languages from her home studio in Miami.

Pilar joined WLRN as an on-air host after coming to the realization that she could use her talents while just being herself. She spends her free time attending theater and film events with friends and experimenting with social media. Pilar sees herself as a "Latina-gringa", enjoying her broad cultural roots in the U.S. and Latin America, like so many Miamians.

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