Paul Leary

Host, Producer

Paul began his performance career at the ripe age of 10,  when he crawled into acting classes at Boston's Suffolk University. A native of Boston, at age 15 he was the youngest person to be certified at Boston Neighborhood Network Television, where he interviewed "The Elephant Show" stars Sharon, Lois & Bram.  Paul also worked at the renowned Boston Children's Museum in the Public Relations and Marketing department.  In 1996, he acted in the WGBH public radio broadcast of the play "Turf," which won an achievement in radio award. He worked at Palm Beach's WXEL Public Radio and Television for 4  years from 2002-2006.

Paul was called to Miami to serve as Fundraising Producer for WLRN in 2006. Currently, Paul is an on-air host, producer, operations assistant manager and social media editor for Topical Currents and South Florida Arts Beat.  For the last several years he hosts Broadway Edition, featuring interviews about South Florida Theater and Touring Broadway shows.  He's been an audio editor for WLRN-Miami Herald News/Under The Sun "Penny Per Pound" winner of the 2009 Sunshine State Awards From The Society Of Professional Journalists.  He says he's dedicated to being involved with the best of public broadcasting around the country.

Ways to Connect

11/30/15 - Tune in for Monday’s Topical Currents, when we’re “At Your Service” about home repairs and construction.

11/25/15 - Listen for Wednesday’s Topical Currents, when we discuss compulsive eating, and how to best bring it under control.

11/23/15 - Many South Floridians quake at the remembrance of 1992’s Hurricane Andrew.  The potent storm left 65 dead, and thousands homeless.

11/17/15 - On Tuesday’s Topical Currents we learn more about the Give Miami Day program, and other philanthropic efforts in our region.

11/16/15 - In a world of strangers drowning in need, where do we draw the line of personal responsibility?  Consider the classic quandary:  should you save your own mother from drowning . . . or two strangers?

11/12/15 - 1:30 - Syndicated food columnist Linda Gassenheimer, Special wine correspondent Fred Tasker and WLRN hosts Joseph Cooper and Bonnie Berman interview Art Friedlich President of the Urban Oasis Project.  This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to gardening and farming that does not harm the environment.  They run a 22 acre farm, sell local produce, grass fed beef, free