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Nadege Green comes from a print reporter background having covered local governments and politicians for the Miami Herald for six years.

At WLRN, Nadege covers social justice issues, the local transgender community and occasionally, dance. 

For her, journalism boils down to not only telling the stories of the people who are accessible, but also seeking out the voices we don't hear from, and telling those stories too.

She is a  graduate of Barry University where she majored in English with the hope of someday becoming the next great novelist — she’s still working on that dream.

Courtesy Coach Carmen Jackson

Carmen Jackson has trained thousands of track runners in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood. She’s the longtime coach of the girl’s track team at Miami Northwestern Senior High School--and her Lady Bulls team dominates. This year they won their eighth consecutive state championship.

Jackson was in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics cheering on one of her former athletes, Liberty City native and Miami Northwestern grad Brianna Rollins. Rollins won big.

She is the first athlete from Miami to win a gold medal in an individual Olympic track and field event--the 100-meter hurdles.

A Haitian-American teenager who convinces her teacher to have a “home exchange” program is at the center of a new Disney Channel short film called “Exchange.”

Disney Channel rolled out 12 short films this month that can be streamed on YouTube and Disney platforms.

Haitian-Jamaican actress, writer and producer  Daheli Hall  created "Exchange," and it’s a film that will definitely resonate in South Florida--which probably shouldn't be a surprise since Hall is a Miami native.

Nadege Green / WLRN

At New York Grilled Cheese restaurant in Broward, Mia St. Louis is the  type of waitress who will stop and bust a move to whatever music is blaring from the speakers.

Nadege Green

A delegation for Hillary Clinton met in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood Friday to talk about gun violence.


Among the speakers were former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona; her husband,  retired NASA astronaut  Mark Kelly, and South Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. 


The group met in a closed-door meeting with community members who have been impacted by gun violence.


Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black man who was shot by a North Miami police officer, is now suing the officer who shot him.

Kinsey was shot in the leg by North Miami officer Jonathan Aledda. At the time, Kinsey  was trying to persuade his autistic client to return to a group home.

It’s been two weeks since Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black man, was shot in the leg by a North Miami police officer. Kinsey, a behavioral therapist, had been trying to help a client with autism return to a group home where he worked.

North Miami City Hall and the police department were flooded with phone calls since the shooting and they set up a special community hotline. The police department recently posted the first batch of calls on their website.

Nadege Green / WLRN

Dozens of protesters filed into the North Miami police department wearing all black.


For the second time in days, community members and activists took their displeasure inside the police department's lobby after Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black man, was shot in the leg.

Black Lives Matter Miami staged a peaceful sit-in and requested to file formal complaints against Officer Jonathan Aledda.

Emily Michot / Miami Herald

North Miami has named the police officer who shot an unarmed black man on Monday.


Officer Jonathan Aledda is a member of the SWAT team and joined the department four years ago.


Nadege Green / WLRN

North Miami Mayor Smith Joseph is speaking out about the shooting of an unarmed black man in his city on Monday. Charles Kinsey is a healthcare worker in North Miami.

Carl Juste / Miami Herald

The North Miami Police Department called a press conference on Thursday after the shooting of an  unarmed mental health care worker by an officer earlier this week.

But there were more questions than answers.

Pedro Portal / Miami Herald

This month two black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were shot and killed by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana.

The trauma of those events can be seen and  felt in black communities around the country.

Soul Sisters leadership collective is a Miami nonprofit helping to address the mental health consequences after police–involved shootings.

Tanisha Douglas is co-founder of the collective and a social worker and she helped create spaces in South Florida, for people, specifically black people, to work out how they were feeling after these killings.

Nadege Green / WLRN

To encourage more boys to read, the city of Miami Gardens is teaming up with local barber shops.

Six-year-old Mikkael Stevens recently visited Top Cuttaz, his dad’s barber shop.

Around him, men were getting their hair cut, but he was more interested in a stack of books near the reception area and hanging out with Darrell House, a children's author based in Fort Lauderdale. 

House and Mikkael practiced their ABC's together. 

This is part of a summer program by Miami Gardens called "Reading With Style,"  which is part of larger  year-round reading initiative.

Nadege Green / WLRN

This story originally ran on September 22, 2015

I was born and raised in Miami, but my very Haitian mom always kept true to her roots — especially whenever I didn’t feel well.

Have a sore throat? Sour orange leaves can fix that.  A tummy ache? Freshly picked mint from the backyard will ease the pain.

She is a believer of remed fey, or bush medicine.

My mom comes from a line of Haitian women herbalists from Gonaives, Haiti.  She learned from her mother, who learned from her mother, who learned from her mother and so on.

Michal Kranz / WLRN

Hundreds of protesters marched to the Broward County Jail chanting, “Black lives matter.”

In Miami, social workers and counselors gently guided a discussion about the trauma black people experience when a black person is killed by a police officer. They called it a healing circle.

After the recent police shootings of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana, social justice groups and nonprofits quickly rallied to provide outlets in South Florida for communities to cope and protest.

Nadege Green / WLRN

Every month, The First Church of North Miami throws a concert that showcases local contemporary Christian music.