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Nadege Green loves only-in-Miami stories. After five years as a Miami Herald reporter, she is convinced Miami is the best news town ever. Really, you can’t make up some of the stuff that happens here.

Nadege has covered local city governments and as a sub-beat, Miami’s Haitian community.

She is a graduate of Barry University where she majored in English with the hope of someday becoming the next great novelist — she’s still working on that dream.


3:34 pm
Wed May 20, 2015

A New Miami Coalition Provides Support For Transgender Community

TRANSform Dade members convene their first meeting at Survivor's Pathway in Miami. The coalition was created to give voice to Miami's transgender community.
Credit Nadege Green / WLRN

A new coalition is working to empower Miami-Dade County’s transgender community by helping them come together and advocate as a larger force.

TRANSform Dade convened its first meeting Tuesday after about a year of planning strategies and objectives.

The group is made up of about a dozen transgender individuals and allies. Some of the founding members work for local nonprofits such as Survivor’s Pathway, CARE Resources and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

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4:06 pm
Wed May 13, 2015

Fannie Mae Accused Of Neglecting Properties In Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods

Fannie Mae is accused of neglecting its foreclosed properties in South Florida's predominantly black and Hispanic communities.
Credit HOPE Inc

A South Florida watchdog group is filing a complaint against the federal housing agency known as Fannie Mae. HOPE Inc. says Fannie Mae neglected foreclosed properties in predominantly black and Hispanic communities but kept up homes in white neighborhoods.

Wednesday, HOPE  and 18 other fair housing groups from across the country held a national press conference to call attention to Fannie Mae’s alleged racial discrimination in how it maintained foreclosed properties nationwide. Fannie Mae has denied the accusation.

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10:32 pm
Thu May 7, 2015

Overtown's Last Shoe Repair Man Closes Shop

Lovell Singletary is believed to be the last shoe repair man in Overtown. He closed his business Saturday.
Credit Walt Michot / Miami Herald

Bereatha Howard is having a crisis of the sole.

The left half of her treasured pair of black Calvin Kleins has ripped apart at the seams. And so she she is doing what so many in Overtown have done for so many years: walking down Third Avenue, her shoes in a white plastic bag, to find Lovell Singletary.

“These are my favorite shoes,” she says, handing the bag to a man sitting outside next to a plastic children’s table, wearing a tattered green cap sideways like a beret. “Do you think you can fix it?”

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4:29 pm
Tue May 5, 2015

The Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance Among 73 Knight Arts Finalists

Artwork by Eduard Duval Carrier in his Little Haiti studio.
Credit Nadege Green / WLRN

The Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance in Little Haiti is one of the 73 Knight Arts Challenge finalists announced yesterday.

The community-wide contest funds ideas that bring South Florida together through the arts.

Eduard Duval Carrier, cultural director at the alliance, says the group plans to host visual artists from across the Caribbean while exploring what it means to live and create in multiethnic communities such as Miami.

"We’ve realized that the Caribbean has produced such a diaspora," he says, "not just Haiti -- but the whole Caribbean."

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8:18 pm
Thu April 30, 2015

A New World Grad Overcomes The Odds

Damion Bradbury is on his way to the Garth Fagan Dance Company after graduating from New World School of the Arts Tuesday.
Credit Courtesy Damion Bradbury

Before the pianist plays the final arrangement, Damion Bradbury stands in the front row of the New  World School of the Arts dance studio towering over most of his fellow dancers at 6'4".

His feet are tuned out in a “V” shape, first position. His long arms hang by his side.

The piano notes waft through the room.

Gerard Ebitz, a ballet teacher at the school, talks the students through what will be the last reverence at New World for the 2015 senior class.

There is a solemn feel to this dance sequence performed at the end of every ballet class. 

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Law Enforcement
4:19 am
Tue April 28, 2015

Training South Florida Police Officers In Mental Health

Catherine Daniels Brown (left) and Marsha Brown (right) son Lavall Hall was shot dead by police in Miami Gardens. The officers were trained in dealing with mentally ill people.
Credit José A. Iglesias / Miami Herald

The Miami-Dade Crisis Intervention Team trains police officers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties on how to respond to calls that involve someone who is mentally ill.

The CIT had trained more than 4,500 police officers across 35 police departments.

In February, 25-year-old Lavall Hall was killed by a Miami Gardens police officer. He suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Police say Hall was carrying a broom and attacked two officers.

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4:29 pm
Mon April 27, 2015

Florida Couple To Attend SCOTUS Gay Marriage Hearing

Jeff Delmay (left) and Todd Delmay exchange vows in front of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel on Monday afternoon, Jan. 5, 2015. Zabel lifted a stay on Florida’s same-sex marriage ban, allowing couples to marry in Miami-Dade County.
Credit Walter Michot / Miami Herald

Jeff and Todd Delmay, a South Florida couple from Hollywood,  were among the first gay couples married in Florida.

The two men were also plaintiffs in the case that overturned Florida's ban on same sex marriage.

The Delmays are now  in Washington for Tuesday’s highly anticipated U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing on gay marriage. The court’s decision will ultimately determine  if same-sex marriage will be recognized nationwide

Two questions are before the court: 

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2:26 pm
Thu April 23, 2015

FBI Report: Florida Affected By Flawed FBI Hair Analysis Testimony

Credit Luigi Caterino / Flickr Creative Commons


According to an FBI report released this week, almost all of the FBI’s experts who conducted microscopic hair analysis gave flawed testimony in criminal trials.

The error-filled testimony went on for more than two decades since 2000, according to the report, which is the largest post-conviction review in the history of the FBI.

The hair analysis was scientifically flawed, and in most cases bolstered prosecutors' cases against defendants, the report found. 

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11:52 am
Tue April 21, 2015

Bounced Check Disqualifies North Miami Mayoral Candidate

Left: Former North Miami Councilman Jean Marcellus is disqualified from running for office for writing a bad check. Right: Mayor Smith Joseph is now running unopposed.


North Miami is used to colorful and contentious elections. But this election season, voters will be spared the drama in the mayoral race.

Mayor Smith Joseph was facing former North Miami councilman Jean Marcellus as his sole opponent. But Marcellus has been disqualified from running after his $2,400 qualifying check bounced, according to city spokeswoman Pam Solomon.

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8:16 am
Fri April 10, 2015

Miami-Dade and Broward Participate in 'Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day'

Credit Jessica Lucia / flickr Creative Commons

You might see some new and young faces in the office today.

That's  because Miami-Dade and Broward schools are allowing kids to miss a day of school to take part in “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.”

The day is designed to expose young people to different workplaces and inspire them to consider various career choices.

Kids who don't go to school today are excused, but they will have make up any school work they might miss.

The national “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day” is actually April 23rd, but that is a testing day in Florida. 

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8:02 am
Fri April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015: Congresswoman Says Get Rid Of Florida Standards Assessments

Today on WLRN-Miami Herald News, you heard:

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2:12 am
Thu April 9, 2015

Family Releases Video Of Mentally Ill Man Killed By Miami Gardens Police

Screen grab of Officer Eddo Trimino shooting at Lavall Hall offscreen.
Credit Miami Gardens Police

The family of a mentally ill man who was killed by a Miami Gardens police officer in February released the video of the shooting to the media Wednesday at a press conference.

The family says police were called on Feb. 15th because Lavall Hall was wielding a straw broom outside his house. They needed help to get him to a mental health hospital.

Police ended up killing Hall.

Moments Up To The Shooting

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2:08 pm
Fri April 3, 2015

Frost Museum Hosts Art Day For Kids With Special Needs

Credit Frost Museum

Art should be accessible to everyone - that is the idea being promoted by the Frost Art Museum, which is creating a space for children with special needs to explore the arts.

The museum is hosting a free community art event that will have specially designed attachments for wheelchairs and other art-making tools for children with cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, and other disabilities.

Jordana Pomeroy, director of the Frost Museum, says museums should be accessible to everyone in the community.

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9:50 pm
Thu April 2, 2015

Witnesses: Mentally Ill Man Did Not Have A Broomstick When Miami Gardens Police Killed Him

Catherine Daniels, left, and Marsha Brown, mothers of Lavall Hall, the mentally ill man shot dead by police in Miami Gardens, pose with a photo of Lavall Hall.
Credit Jose Iglesias / Miami Herald

Catherine Daniels blames herself for her son’s death.

The incident started around 4:30 in the morning. Daniels says her 25-year old son was having “an episode.” He was schizophrenic and bipolar.

On the morning of Feb 15,  he was waving around a broom and pacing in front of their pink home at 19157 NW Third Ave. in Miami Gardens. When she told him to come inside--he charged at her.

Daniels says she called Miami Gardens police around 5 a.m.

She told the two officers who responded, Peter Ehrlich and Eddo Trimino, her son was mentally ill.

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3:09 pm
Tue March 31, 2015

App Gives Parents Access To Their Children's Cyber Life

Credit olarte.ollie / Flickr Creative Commons

Parents want to know what their kids are up to, but they don’t always have access to their children’s cyber lives.

There's an app for that.

Digital monitoring apps like TeenSafe give parents unfiltered access to their kid’s digital world.

TeenSafe CEO Rawdon Messenger says his app and others like it are recommended for parents who want to monitor their children’s digital activities.

The app, which works on most tablets and cellphones, tracks location and allows parent to view texts, deleted texts and social media sites. 

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