Mareike Aden

Arthur F. Burns Fellow

Mareike Aden is a German reporter who is currently spending  two months with WLRN through the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship. So far in her life, the closest she has come to Miami was watching the TV series "Miami Vice."

During her time at WLRN, Mareike hopes to learn more about the people living in Miami, Florida and the U.S. in general – and to improve her Spanish along the way. 

Mareike was born in a small village in the northwestern part of Germany. She holds a degree in journalism and political science after studying in Dortmund (Germany) and St. Petersburg (Russia).

Mareike is a freelance reporter for TV, radio and print media. Currently, she is mainly working for NDR, the northern division of ARD, which is among the largest publicly funded broadcasters in Europe. This year she spent several weeks at ARD’s London bureau covering  Brexit - the campaign, the referendum and its aftermath. 

From 2007 until autumn 2014, Mareike was a Moscow-based correspondent, mainly reporting for Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, from post-Soviet countries. After all those winters spent in Russia, the Miami sun feels even warmer.

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