Lisann Ramos

Associate Producer

My job is to get our stories to your ears every afternoon.

I work with our anchor to keep you informed and updated on all that's going on in South Florida throughout your drive home.

I've worked with WLRN since I took a course with the station in the spring of 2013. A year later, I was an intern during my last semester at Florida International University.

After graduation, I freelanced for WLRN as a reporter covering arts, religion,health, education, politics, the environment, and social issues. I now report on food as well.

I also run one of WLRN's special projects, Miami Stories. The project highlights local perspectives of growing up and living in the Magic City.

When I'm not in the newsroom, I’m cracking hilarious jokes when no one’s around and bad ones in front of a microphone. You can also find me at that restaurant from that article.


Ways to Connect

For some South Floridians, living within the boundaries of the 305 means being immersed in a mezcla of culture and an abundance of Central and South American and Caribbean cuisines. 

Kate Stein / WLRN

Thousands of people took to the streets of Miami late Friday with Cuban flags, pots and pans, cafecitos and cigars in reaction to the announcement of the death of Fidel Castro by the Cuban government