Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez is a reporter for WLRN-Miami Herald News. She also splits her time as a reporter/blogger for the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting and as a local print reporter for The Miami Herald. Previously, Lopez was a reporter/blogger for The Florida Independent — a nonprofit news blog that covered Florida politics and public policy. A native Miamian, Lopez graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a journalism degree. She also interned for Talking Points Memo and an NPR affiliate in Durham, North Carolina.


Art Basel
10:30 am
Tue December 11, 2012

Overlooked Gem Of Art Basel: Art Meow-sel

Picture of a cat Napoleon in Art Meow-sel.
Credit Marva Hinton /WLRN

WLRN's Marva Hinton loves cats. I mean, she really, really loves cats.

So, it came as no surprise to me that when planning a visit to Art Basel last week she decided her time would be best spent at Art Meow-sel in O Cinema: a gallery dedicated solely to cat-related art.

It's weird, I know. But it's also kind of brilliant.

As someone who isn't an art aficionado, yet has a lot of opinions about cats, I have to say that this gallery  was awesome.

Here is why.

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Election 2012
3:09 pm
Mon December 10, 2012

Why Voting Absentee Was A Bad Idea This Year

Thousands of absentee ballots didn't get counted in the past election.
Credit Chris Coleman/ Flickr

In Florida, it's safe to say that voting in the presidential election this year was a disaster.

As we all know, voting lines during early voting and through to Election Day were several hours long. In fact, while President Obama was giving his victory speech, some polls were still open in Miami-Dade because there were people still waiting in line to vote.

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Gubernatorial Race 2014
6:30 am
Mon December 10, 2012

Charlie Crist's Measured Journey From Republican Via Independent To Democrat

THE HUG: Crist embraced President Obama and began his two-year party transition.

It's official, folks. Former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist is now a Democrat.

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Art Basel
2:25 pm
Sun December 9, 2012

Alligators, Combs And Rabbits: Photos Of Art Basel

waltercolor/ Flickr

Some Art Basel-ers have been pretty shutter happy this week. 

Looking around the Creative Commons content on Flickr from Art Basel 2012, there are quite a few beautiful photos of the galleries and events, as well as views of the city from this week's goings-on. 

Here a slideshow of some of the photos that caught my eye.

Art Basel
12:03 pm
Sun December 9, 2012

VIDEO: Scenes From Art Basel 2012

Art Basel 2012.
Credit waltercolor /Flickr

Here is a compilation of some different videos from Art Basel 2012 in Miami. Each video tours some galleries you may have missed and some videos even feature interviews with the artists.

Check it out below!

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Art Basel 2012
3:49 pm
Fri December 7, 2012

Sights From Art Basel

Here are some lovely photos from Art Basel 2012 in Miami brought to us from the folks at

Click here to check out the rest of's photos.

Art Basel 2012
2:25 pm
Fri December 7, 2012

Painted Pianos Pop Up At Art Basel For A Second Year

Pop Up Piano makes it appearance for the second time in Miami.

If you are walking around Art Basel you are probably going to notice these ornately painted pianos.

None of them are painted the same, yet they are all part of an exciting art event playing out at Art Basel Miami for the second year.

It's called Pop Up Piano -- a public arts project put together by Steinway and Sons Miami. The project first appeared at Art Basel last year.

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Art Basel
7:30 am
Fri December 7, 2012

From The Blogs: Art Basel, Day One

Credit Snapshot of #ArtBasel Instagram Feed

For those of you unable to weather the traffic, costs and crowds at Art Basel this week, fear not. Here at WLRN -- and with the help of local blogs and newspapers -- we have a rundown of what's been happening at Art Basel.

Party Time

Before the actual galleries even open, in true Miami style, much of Art Basel is all about the parties. 

If  you were stuck in traffic Wednesday night, you can thank the many parties kicking off Art Miami this week.

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Holiday Flash Mob
5:59 am
Fri December 7, 2012

WLRN Wants You To Be Part Of A Radio Flash Mob

Credit WLRN

Get ready to tune into 91.3 and take part in WLRN's very first holiday flash mob.

If you are at your office, grab lunch, and tune to 91.3 FM for an hour of beautiful holiday music guaranteed to stem the stress of the day and clear your head. If you are in your car, roll down your windows and turn up the volume and let the world around you share in the incredible harmonies of the Grammy nominated Seraphic Fire.

  • What: Radio Flash Mob!
  • When: Friday, December 7th at 1:00pm-2:00pm
  • Where: 91.3 FM
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Art Basel Traffic
1:09 pm
Thu December 6, 2012

Art Basel Brings On Some Gnarly Traffic

Art Basel is bringing some art... as well as some traffic.
Credit Todd Metcalfe /Flickr

For all you art aficionados, Art Basel is an amazing time. For commuters in Miami, however, this is pretty grueling. 

Even though Art Basel officially starts today, last night's launch parties pretty much jammed up the downtown area.

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Miami-Dade Commission
10:00 am
Wed December 5, 2012

Prayer Is Back At Miami-Dade Commission Meetings

Miami Dade Commissioners approved prayer before meetings on Tuesday.
Credit Wyoming_Jackrabbit /Flickr

Prayer is coming back to Miami-Dade County Commission meetings starting Dec. 18.

In a 8-3 vote on Tuesday, commissioners signed off on a change to a current rule that only allowed for a moment of silence before meetings.

Now, commissioners will be able to invite a religious leader of their choosing or a fellow commissioner  to lead everyone in a prayer before each meeting. 

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Python Bill
9:30 am
Wed December 5, 2012

Congressmen Fail To Get A Tight Grasp On Python Bill

A bill aimed at curbing Florida's python problem has hit a snag.
Credit Michael Ransburg /Flickr

A bill that should help fix Florida's python problem is slipping out of the hands of lawmakers in Washington.

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta, has been trying to get legislation passed that would broaden a ban on invasive species in the U.S. In effect, the bill would slow down a recent influx of invasive snakes taking over the Everglades in Florida.

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Florida Legislature
1:40 pm
Tue December 4, 2012

Progressives Warn State Lawmakers About ALEC's Influence

The American Legislative Exchange Council has had years of influence in Florida politics.

Progress Florida and Florida Watch Action-- two influential progressive groups in the state-- have launched a preemptive attack on the influence of ALEC in the Florida Legislature. 

ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, is a pro-business political outfit that hands out model conservative legislation to state lawmakers who follow a conservative agenda.

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City of Miami Commission
4:35 pm
Mon December 3, 2012

City Of Miami Commissioner Sues Mayor And State Attorney

Michelle Spence-Jones is suing Katherine Rundle and Tomas Regalado, for what she says is a plot to destroy her political career as a City of Miami Commissioner.
Credit Knight Foundation /Flickr

City of Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones is suing Mayor Tomas Regalado and state attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle for what she says is a plot to destroy her political career by accusing Spence-Jones of political corruption.

On Monday, Spence-Jones filed a lawsuit claiming that Fernandez Rundle and Richard Scruggs, the lead prosecutor in a case accusing Spence-Jones of corruption more than a year ago, misled key witnesses.

These criminal cases surrounding Spence-Jones turned out to be unsuccessful.

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Women's Rights
6:29 am
Mon December 3, 2012

Why Two Lawmakers Are Still Trying to Ratify The Equal Rights Amendment In Florida 40 Years Later

State Sens. Arthenia Joyner (pictured) and Gwen Margolis are trying to get Florida to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment again.

Forty years ago, the U.S. House and Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), an amendment adding language to the U.S. Constitution that says "equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex."

The amendment was the result of a historic surge of women's rights activism in the country. It took decades to get the amendment passed in Congress, but it did indeed pass at a federal level.

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