PBS Kids

Visit this site for some neat interactive activities for kids from the people who created the Ready To Learn Service - PBS!

These 5 Web sites cover a variety of topics of interest to this audience, including art and design, the environment, media literacy, food, and dealing with real life issues. Kids, parents and educators can trust these sites to be safe havens where children can learn, share ideas and have fun.

It's My Life
It's My Life invites kids to share their feelings about the social, emotional, and physical issues that affect them.

Don't Buy It
Don't Buy It challenges kids to question advertising, evaluate media, and become smart consumers.

Backyard Jungle
Backyard Jungle is a participatory multimedia site where kids learn about ecology and new ways to explore their natural surroundings.

Plastic Fork Diaries
On Plastic Fork Diaries, tweens explore their relationship to food: nutrition, athletic performance, cultural significance, and the vanishing family meal.

3D&I is a place where kids discover, dream, and design; where visual literacy becomes a concrete, cool concept.