Secret Service Scandal
2:38 pm
Fri October 12, 2012

Secret Service Agent Found Passed Out On Sidewalk In Miami

A Secret Service agent was found passed out drunk this morning in Miami.
Ricardo Liberato/Flickr

A U.S. Secret Service agent enjoyed Miami a little too much last night.

Aaron Francis Engler, a Secret Service agent, was found passed out drunk on a sidewalk near Brickell Avenue and 7th in Miami today.

Engler was in Miami because President Obama was in town for the campaign. He gave a big speech at the University of Miami and help a fundraiser at the J.W. Marriott.

CBS 4 reports,

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1:52 pm
Fri October 12, 2012

MDC Doral Campus Was Growing Fast Before Garage Collapse

MDC in Doral had a huge increase in enrollment in the past few years, which is why the school had to spend $22 million on a new parking garage.
Parker Michael Knight/Flickr

Leading up to this week's fatal parking garage collapse, the Miami Dade College Doral campus was experiencing a massive enrollment boom, which is why the school was spending more than $22 million dollars on a parking garage in the first place.

According to The Miami Herald,

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South Florida Arts Beat
1:00 pm
Fri October 12, 2012

South Florida Jazz Orchestra Performs Live

South Florida Jazz Orchestra

10/12/12 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, our area’s premiere big band, the South Florida Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Chuck Bergeron, performs compositions from their latest recording, Trumpet Summit.  Featuring original Bergeron and Brian Lynch compositions and grand standards, the band’s new arrangements are fresh and quite exciting.

Quarterback Queen
9:46 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Erin DiMeglio's Big Year: South Plantation High Quarterback Is Also Homecoming Queen

Homecoming queen Erin DiMeglio in her other role
Marisa Latzman
  • WLRN's Phil Latzman met Erin Dimeglio and produced this profile.

It's hard to imagine a more completely successful senior year. Here’s Christy Cabrera Chirinos' story in the Sun-Sentinel about how 17-year-old Erin DiMeglio got her homecoming tiara...during halftime. Click the Listen link to hear Phil Latzman's profile of the groundbreaking athlete.

From dreaming of touchdown passes to…sporting a tiara?

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Obama At UM
9:07 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Now Lagging In State Polls, Obama Gets Laughs At University of Miami Rally

Obama At UM: Behind in the polls but still getting laughs
Obama campaign

President Obama came to Florida yesterday to find himself trailing Mitt Romney by seven points in the latest Mason-Dixon poll. Many agree, it’s the result of his lackluster debate performance last week.

And that's what the president tried to make up for during a rally at the University of Miami. Sounding confident and energetic, the president covered the points he overlooked during the debate -- passing Obamacare, killing Osama bin Laden and ending the war in Iraq.

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8:38 am
Fri October 12, 2012

How Miami's Classical Music Scene Has Changed In 40 Years

Luciano Magnanini has big plans for retirement: "I will continue playing with the opera, the Palm Beach Symphony, and just see a little bit of the world."
Alicia Zuckerman
  • WLRN's Alicia Zuckerman and musician Luciano Magnanini discuss classical music and his 40-year career in Miami.
  • Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas/Primavera Porteñas; recorded at Festival Miami, October 5, 2005.

The bassoonist Luciano Magnanini has been a fixture of South Florida's classical music scene for the past four decades. He has played around the world and performed under the conductors Leonard Bertstein and Zubin Mehta. In 1972, after arriving from Italy via Peru and Mexico, Magnanini began a 40-year teaching career at the University of Miami. He’s retiring in May, and this Sunday he performs a chamber concert celebrating his career.

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Big Bird On The Roof
8:19 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Dade Teachers Mock Romney With Big Bird Strapped Like Seamus To Van's Roof

The Spokesdog Speaks: Romney is "one scary individual"
Dogs Against Romney

Mitt Romney is getting his nose rubbed today in one of the most durable memes of the 2012 campaign, his hapless dog Seamus strapped to the roof of the family van during a long vacation road trip.

Only it’s not the dog this time. It’s Big Bird. Memes aren't memes, you know, unless they adapt.

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Housing Crisis
7:45 am
Fri October 12, 2012

NEWSCAST - Florida Leads The Nation In Foreclosures

Florida is at the top or near it in two different categories in the news this week.

But no one is bragging about it.

The state now has a higher percentage of homes in foreclosure than any other state and comes in second for cases of investment fraud.

We explore both of these issues and more in WLRN Miami Herald News.

Listen To WLRN Miami Herald News
7:03 am
Fri October 12, 2012

NEWSCAST - President Obama Visits University of Miami

President Obama speaks to supporters at the University of Miami.
Vivi Barros

President Obama campaigned at the University of Miami Thursday. We run down his visit, the latest poll numbers in the state and more in WLRN Miami Herald News.

Ballot Measures
6:30 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Jeb Bush Endorses Florida Amendment 6

Jeb Bush endorses Amendment Six, which would limit abortions in the state.
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia/Flickr

Jeb Bush, our former governor who only occasionally steps into the political fray, has publicly endorsed a controversial proposed constitutional amendment on Florida's ballot.

He announced his full-throated support for Amendment Six. If passed, the amendment would prohibit public funding of abortions and removes a current state constitutional right to privacy.

The Orlando Sentinel reports,

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