8:07 am
Mon November 5, 2012

How To Cast Post-Early Voting Ballot Today

Got One Of These Yet? The official early voting period has expired but South Floridians can still cast pre-Election Day ballots.
Credit wikimedia

After weekend confusion, a lawsuit and some serious voting miscues in Miami-Dade County on Sunday -- really, it was a mess -- South Florida elections supervisors are redefining "early voting" to allow people to cast ballots today.

What it means is, you'll be able to go to an elections supervisor's office, pick up an absentee ballot, fill it out and then turn it in.

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7:55 am
Mon November 5, 2012

NEWSCAST: President Campaigns In Hollywood

A crowd of enthusiastic supporters of President Obama packed the grandstands and the football field at McArthur High School in Hollywood.
Credit Christine DiMattei /
  • WLRN Miami Herald News

President Obama goes Hollywood in his last Florida appearance before election day as he tries to secure last-minute votes.

He spoke for about 25 minutes to a crowd of 23,000 supporters at McArthur High School.

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6:55 am
Mon November 5, 2012

NEWSCAST: Voting Chaos in Miami Dade

Some voters waited in line for hours Sunday to cast an in-person absentee ballot.
Credit Rusty Brick / Flickr/Creative Commons

The trouble started when voters were told Sunday in-person absentee voting was on, then it was called off leaving lots of voters in line crying foul. Eventually, the process was allowed to continue.

We breakdown what caused this voting fiasco in WLRN Miami Herald News.

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12:08 pm
Sun November 4, 2012

You Can Still Vote on Sunday

People stood in a five hour long line in West Dade Regional Library yesterday waiting to vote on the last day of early voting.
Credit Ashley Lopez /WLRN

From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. today you can vote at the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections office.

Here is a press release from the Miami Dade Elections office,

In an effort to continue serving eager voters on the final Sunday before Election Day, the Elections Department is opening its doors to voters.

While state law does not permit Early Voting today, we are permitted to provide and accept absentee ballots.

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Early Voting
10:07 am
Sat November 3, 2012

Wilson's Voting Complaint Brings Federal Election Monitors To Miami-Dade

Word In His Ear: U. S. Rep. Frederica Wilson says GOP operatives are manipulating early voters to steal the election.
Credit Wilson web site

Election monitors from the U. S. Justice Department are on their way to Miami-Dade County to investigate reports of predatory voting "assistance" being offered by pro-Romney operatives to elderly voters in a north county precinct.

The Miami Herald reported this morning the complaints came from U. S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, whose district includes the polling station at North Miami Public Library:

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7:09 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

NEWSCAST: Early Voting Nears An End

Some voters stood in line for hours to cast an early ballot in Kendall.
Credit Jessica Meszaros

Early voting comes to a close Saturday, and some Floridians say the process has been anything but smooth.

However, we've been crunching the numbers and found things could be a lot worse.

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Foreclosure Crisis
5:06 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

(Some) Foreclosure Money Is On Its Way to Homeowners

Florida is finally going to spend money it was given for foreclosure relief.
Credit 401(K) 2012 /Flickr

Florida-- including South Florida--could finally be getting the millions of dollars it won in a settlement with big banks over bad mortgages and foreclosures. 

In the past several months about $300 million dollars given to Florida has been locked up in a battle between Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and the state Legislature. Each party claims that they have the authority to decide how the money is spent.

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Reptile Day
2:27 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

Miami Science Museum Is Going To Teach You How To Eat Like A Lizard

You can eat like a lizard if you go to Reptile Day at the Miami Science Museum.
Credit Ashley Lopez / WLRN

Here's a break from the relentness news about this year's election.

For those of you not stuck in a long line on the last day of early voting on Saturday, you can distract yourself at the Miami Science Museum's Reptile Day.

Among the many activities they are putting together is a "live python animal presentation," a turtle race and an "eat like a reptile cooking demonstration."

Yes. You read right. There will be food served that is typically eaten by lizards.

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The Florida Roundup
2:00 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

Into The Fray: Florida's Voting Issues And Ballot Measures

Early voters have faced long wait times. Above, voters at the Miami Beach City Hall.
Credit Alicia Zuckerman

Florida is ready to vote. Or is it?  Over 3 million Floridians have already voted early in person or by absentee ballot.  Early voting totals continue to be strong in mostly Democratic South Florida.  For many, lines at the polls are long, while still others wait by the mailbox for their absentee ballots.  

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