Imaginarium Life
12:00 pm
Thu December 20, 2012

‘Imaginarium Life’: Get Ready For A Most Unimaginable Tale

Credit Neil de la Flor


Imaginarium Life is a complex, multi-media performance piece created by the brilliant dark angels at Bistoury Physical Theatre, Alexey Taran and Carla Forte. 

The performance documents -- through dance theater, sound and gorgeous cinematography -- the spiraling, chaotic world of an artist whose obsession with himself and his own imaginary world of self-inflicted wounds destroys him and the person he loves.

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Florida Senate
10:23 am
Thu December 20, 2012

Start The Fight? Then No 'Stand-Your-Ground' Defense For You Under Broward Senator's Bill

CHRIS SMITH: Senate minority leader says gun users should be responsible.
Credit Florida Senate

Picking a fight with the gun lobby and legislative Republicans, State Sen. Chris Smith (D-Ft. Lauderdale) has introduced a bill that would substantially reduce the protections Florida's stand-your-ground law offers to armed citizens.

The law -- controversial because of its application in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin this year by a neighborhood watch volunteer -- allows the use of deadly force by someone who feels threatened. It also prevents police from arresting stand-your-ground shooters in many cases.

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Listen To WLRN Miami Herald News
7:19 am
Thu December 20, 2012

NEWSCAST: Holiday Travel Rush Is On

More than a million passengers are expected at the Fort Lauderdale Airport during the holidays.
Credit Matt Hurst/flickr

Ready. Set. Travel.

South Florida airports get ready to welcome millions of people coming in and out for the holidays.

Find out what you can expect travel wise this week in WLRN-MIami Herald News:

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Quinnipiac Poll
7:15 am
Thu December 20, 2012

Rick Scott Finds Little Cheer In New Survey

POLL NUMBERS: Republican voters still support Gov. Scott and hope for his re-election but his overall ratings are low.

Gov. Rick Scott would be in serious trouble if an election were to take place today.

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, his approval ratings remain in the cellar and 52 percent of Florida voters think he does not deserve a second term.

Republicans are the big asterisk in the survey of 1,261 voters taken last week. Sixty-three percent of GOP voters approve of the governor's performance and 55 say he deserves another term although 53 percent are hoping another Republican candidate replaces him in the 2014 election.

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Listen To WLRN Miami Herald News
6:50 am
Thu December 20, 2012

NEWSCAST: Charlie Crist Blasts State's New Election Laws

Some political observers believe Charlie Crist is gearing up for a run for governor.
Credit Neon Tommy / Flickr/Creative Commons

During testimony on Capitol Hill Wednesday, former Governor Charlie Crist said Florida's new voting laws made the state "a joke" this election cycle.

Hear his remarks on WLRN Miami Herald News:

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6:00 am
Thu December 20, 2012

Everglades Violent Past Remembered

Bird of Paradise on Hat. 1900

In the late 1800's, the Everglades was a place for Native Americans, newly-freed slaves, naturalists, poachers, settlers and expansionists.

But by the end of the century, a massive influx of settlers were flocking to the Everglades for one thing:  to kill birds for their feathers.

It has been said that Marie Antoinette started the trend of using plumes to adorn her royal head - before she lost hers.

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7:01 pm
Wed December 19, 2012

NEWSCAST: Charlie Crist, Rick Scott Address Voting Mishaps

Credit FlickR/Fifth World Art

"A joke."

That's what former Governor Charlie Crist says Florida became after new voting regulations put into place by his successor Governor Rick Scott.

During a U.S. Senate committee hearing today looking into problems at the polls during the 2012 elections, Crist criticized Governor Scott for signing a new law reducing early voting days.

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Charlie Crist
3:34 pm
Wed December 19, 2012

What Charlie Crist Has To Say About Rick Scott’s Handling Of Election 2012

In a U.S. Senate hearing, Crist lambasted Scott for signing an election law that reduced early voting hours, when many minorities vote.
Credit mike3k

In what may be a preview of the governor’s race, former governor Charlie Crist directly criticized Governor Rick Scott before a U.S. Senate hearing on voting rights. Crist was critical of Scott for helping to pass a 2011 election law that limited early voting hours. 

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1:38 pm
Wed December 19, 2012

'I Have All My Fingernails Intact'

Reporter Frances Robles has seen it all in her 19 years at the Miami Herald.

From being detained by Cuban authorities, to experiencing the horror of dead bodies in post-earthquake Haiti, to reporting on a Honduran leader who was ousted in his pajamas, Frances Robles has been all over the hemisphere in her 19 years with the Miami Herald.

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