Charlie Crist
7:19 am
Tue December 11, 2012

Crist Urges GOP's 'Live And Let Live' Faction To Follow Him To The Democratic Party

DISENCHANTED: Crist says he frequently disagreed with the Republican leadership.

Former Governor and brand-new Democrat Charlie Crist explained his qualms and misgivings with the Republican Party last night in an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC's "Hardball" program.

Crist said his disenchantment grew as he assessed the Republican leadership views of immigration, education and voter suppression.

"As a live-and-let-live kind of guy who wants to be tolerant, who wants to be kind, who wants to be compassionate," Crist explained, "the leadership doesn't seem to embrace that kind of view."

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Listen To WLRN Miami Herald News
6:46 am
Tue December 11, 2012

NEWSCAST: Herald Building Denied Historic Designation

The Miami Herald building will now be demolished.
Credit DC Writer Dawn / Flickr/Creative Commons

In a major decision that affects the city's future skyline, Miami's preservation board decides against giving the Herald building an historic designation.

Details from WLRN Miami Herald News:

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Art Basel
6:30 am
Tue December 11, 2012

Shopping With The VIPs At Art Basel

'YOUR BELIEFS': Altered cereal boxes by Jani Leinonen


There are two things that drive Art Basel Miami Beach: passion for art and financial wheeling and dealing. The   organizers of one of the world's top art fairs cater to VIP's in ways that range from party invitations to private tours.  Retired attorney Frank Herzog led a group of potential buyers through the fair, taking them from abstract expressionism to minimalism, pop art, and what he thinks could be the next big thing. 

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6:46 pm
Mon December 10, 2012

NEWSCAST: Miami Herald Building Not 'Historic'

The Miami Herald Building.
Credit Kiernan.Adair


The Miami Herald Building will not be designated historic, paving the way for demolition by casino giant Genting.

Absentee Ballot Tally For South Florida

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Election 2012
3:09 pm
Mon December 10, 2012

Why Voting Absentee Was A Bad Idea This Year

Thousands of absentee ballots didn't get counted in the past election.
Credit Chris Coleman/ Flickr

In Florida, it's safe to say that voting in the presidential election this year was a disaster.

As we all know, voting lines during early voting and through to Election Day were several hours long. In fact, while President Obama was giving his victory speech, some polls were still open in Miami-Dade because there were people still waiting in line to vote.

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Topical Currents
1:00 pm
Mon December 10, 2012

“Members Only” Call-In

12/10/12 - Monday’s Topical Currents is our popular “Members Only” pledge program with hosts Joseph Cooper, Bonnie Berman . . . and faithful listeners.  We’ll “turn the table,” and have WLRN members give on-air testimonials, and relate public radio experiences.  When was your first financial pledge offered? How about revealing one of those riveting “driveway moments?”

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Rail Travel
11:00 am
Mon December 10, 2012

Fast Train Will Link Miami, Orlando In 2015

ALL ABOARD: Money, jobs and a fast ride to Orlando.
Credit All Aboard Florida

A billion-dollar passenger rail project, due to break ground next year, will be whisking business travelers and tourists between Miami and Orlando at top speed by some time in 2015.

Plans call for stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach on the way from Miami to Orlando International Airport with a spur line connecting the beaches of Brevard County to the system.

Cost and benefits? According to the Sun Sentinel, $1 billion, 1,600 jobs and a three-hour trip -- much quicker than you could make at the wheel of your own car.

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Art Basel
10:00 am
Mon December 10, 2012

Art Basel: Sending Picasso Packing

Pablo Picasso's 1953 painting, 'Femme Assise,' on display at Art Basel in the Landau Fine Arts Gallery.
Credit Christine DiMattei /WLRN

Botero, Matisse, Picasso and countless others have their boarding passes and are ready to go.

Just minutes after Art Basel closed down Sunday night, the business of packing up the artwork for transport begins.

"It's a very delicate operation," says Robert Landau of Landau Fine Arts.

"Everything gets packed up by our own staff. And we load them on our dedicated truck and it leaves here before midnight [on Sunday]," says Landau.

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8:41 am
Mon December 10, 2012

The Art Basels They Remember (And The Therapy They'll Probably Need)

LEAVING ART BASEL: Some ran screaming

The assorted farewells to Art Basel in the national press this morning leave a variety of impressions, not all of them positive, of Miami's big festival of art, celebrity and wealth.

Let's start with the Wall Street Journal, which left regretting its descent into the classic loop of insanity -- doing the same thing and hoping for different results:

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7:58 am
Mon December 10, 2012

NEWSCAST: Florida Lawmakers Weigh In On Debt Crisis

It seems lawmakers moved farther apart in negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.
Credit Jim Moran/Flickr

Republicans are upset that the president wants the debt ceiling included in budget talks. Meanwhile, former Republican Governor Charlie Crist switches parties.  

Details from WLRN-Miami Herald News:

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