7:03 am
Fri December 28, 2012

Gen. Schwarzkopf Death Keenly Felt In Florida

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Gen. "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf, the U. S. commander during the first Gulf War, became a rock-star presence in Tampa after his wartime service. He died there Thursday after a long illness.
  • Source: Tbo
  • | Via: Tampa Tribune
Norman Schwarzkopf spent his last hours at home in Tampa, surrounded by family who shared stories that made them laugh, according to his daughter, Cindy Schwarzkopf. The family had come to town to celebrate Christmas. While her father was in declining health, his death was unexpected, she said.
6:53 am
Fri December 28, 2012

Florida's Jobless Teeter On Fiscal Cliff

LIFELINE: 119,000 jobless Flordians would lose unemployment checks immediately in a fall from the fiscal cliff.


Tumbling off the fiscal cliff will immediately cut the economic lifeline for 119,000 Floridians who depend on extended unemployment compensation now funded by the federal government.

It would also mean an immediate increase in the payroll taxes paid by every American wage-earner. But the long-term unemployed will be especially vulnerable if Congress and White House negotiators are unable to reach an agreement to head off automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts by Monday.

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South Florida History
6:25 am
Fri December 28, 2012

Virginia Key Beach Park Works To Restore Swimming

A restoration project is underway for Virginia Key Beach Park.
Credit Guy Forchion

Just a few miles away from downtown Miami lies a natural beach in the city’s largest park.

The 82-acre Virginia Key Beach Park remains a bit of a hidden gem. The historic beach still attracts those looking for a quiet place to relax despite one drawback.

In season, about 2,000 people visit Virginia Key Beach Park every weekend even though swimming isn’t permitted.

“It’s a disadvantage - one we’re overcoming," said Guy Forchion, head of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust.

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Port Strike
4:40 pm
Thu December 27, 2012

Scott, Ports Call For Resolution As Strike Looms

Longshoremen contracts at 15 East Coast and Gulf Coast ports are set to expire on Saturday at midnight.
Credit michelle, Flickr/Creative Commons

Gov. Rick Scott and executives of Florida's largest ports Thursday called on negotiators to avert a strike that could cripple the majority of container shipments along the eastern and gulf coasts as early as this weekend. 

Barring an agreement between longshoremen and shippers, the group urged President Barack Obama to use his authority to keep containerized cargo moving while talks continue, saying any interruption would have a ripple effect throughout Florida and across the country.

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The Year That Was
3:30 pm
Thu December 27, 2012

South Florida's Notable Deaths Of 2012

Hundreds of cyclists showed up for a memorial bike ride on the Rickenbacker Causeway following the hit-and-run death of cyclist Aaron Cohen, 36.
Credit ImageMD

South Florida lost a number of notable figures in 2012.

Bee Gees singer and former Miami resident Robin Gibb died at 62 after a battle with cancer.

Tony Goldman, the developer credited with turning South Beach and Wynwood into thriving destinations, died at 68 from heart failure.

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Election 2012
1:46 pm
Thu December 27, 2012

2012: A Year Of Electile Dysfunction In Florida

Voting lines, both before the election--and on November 6th itself, made Florida the butt of more jokes in 2012, and exposed major flaws in the system
Credit Benjamin Thompson on flickr

In 2012, Florida remained the state that can't vote straight. 

President Barack Obama sent Florida's GOP leaders in to shock by winning the state in November, and some Democrats followed his coattails to make the state slightly bluer. But while licking their wounds, Republicans remain in firm control of Florida's agenda.

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Topical Currents
1:00 pm
Thu December 27, 2012

Language Expert Constance Hale: Let Verbs Power Your Writing

Constance Hale

12/27/12 - Thursday’s Topical Currents begins with journalist and language expert Constance Hale.  Her latest book concentrates on the “pivot points” of our sentences:  verbs.  In her book, VEX, HEX, SMASH, SMOOCH, she examines both heavenly and headache verbs.  And more.  Linda Gassenheimer and wine columnist Fred Tasker with end of year drinks and food.

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12:37 pm
Thu December 27, 2012

Palm Beach County To Get Express Lanes

EXPRESS LANES: The fast toll lanes will run from Glades Road on the bottom of he map to Linton Boulevard at the top. The new FAU interchange will be at Spanish River Boulevard, which is NW 40 Street on this map.

Transportation engineers are planning to install pay-per-drive express lanes as part of the next big I-95 makeover in Palm Beach County.

Already in use in Miami-Dade County and under construction in Broward, express lanes provide a faster, limited-access drive for commuters who can commit to the entire distance. Tolls rise and fall as a function of traffic congestion.

In Miami, the tolls range from 25 cents to six and seven dollars, according to traffic conditions.

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10:30 am
Thu December 27, 2012

For Lynn University, 2012 Debate Frenzy '100-Percent Worth It'

Credit Christine DiMattei

Many years from now, hundreds of Lynn University alumni will be able to tell their grandkids, "Yep, I was there."

2012 was the year Lynn went from relatively unknown university to center of the political universe when it hosted the final presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Just before the October 22nd event, Lynn President Kevin Ross repeatedly referred to the debate as the moment the university had long been waiting for.

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9:32 am
Thu December 27, 2012

The 2012 Weird Stories That Defined Florida

BIG BLUE EYE: It washed ashore on a South Florida Beach to become one of the year's weird stories. Now we know: It came from a swordfish.
Credit Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The end of the year is approaching and the news columns and web sites of a hungry nation are filling up with weird Florida stories, each supposedly an illustration of the character, lifestyle and unholy preoccupations of our strange, strange state.

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