The Sunshine Economy
1:15 pm
Mon August 5, 2013

Video: How A Miami Designer Fashions His Workforce

Designer Rene Ruiz (left) instructs workers on the finer points of dress making.
Credit Tom Hudson

Designing high fashion is an art. So is making those designs into dresses.

Designer Rene Ruiz does both from a low-slung building in Hialeah. His factory is tucked in with furniture makers and hurricane shutters installers. About 50 people work there making dresses for Ruiz's well-heeled clients in South Florida and for his dresses destined for Neiman Marcus stores.

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Topical Currents
1:00 pm
Mon August 5, 2013

Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea

Mark Blyth
Brown University via

08/05/13 - Monday’s Topical Currents is with Brown University Professor Mark Blyth.  He contends that conservatives in both Europe and the US have succeeded in casting government spending as reckless wastefulness that has worsened economies. He says the problem has been a result of bailing out, recapitalizing and adding liquidity to broken banking systems with

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12:38 pm
Mon August 5, 2013

Musician Becomes First Person To Paddleboard From Cuba To Florida Keys

Ben Friberg from Tennessee has become the first person to paddle board between Cuba and the United States.

A 35-year-old American man from Tennessee has become the first person to paddle board between Cuba and the United States.

Musician Ben Friberg was accompanied by a support boat - his father among the crew - providing navigational advice and nutrition.

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11:43 am
Mon August 5, 2013

Sun Life Stadium Hosts Major International Soccer Tournament

Real Madrid is one of many high profile teams participating in the upcoming Guinness International Champions Cup at Sunlife Stadium.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Guinness International Champions Cup, a preseason soccer tournament beginning in Spain on July 27, will draw to a close at Sun Life Stadium on August 6 and 7.

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The Sunshine Economy

Tom Hudson
Credit WLRN
The Sunshine Economy
9:19 am
Mon August 5, 2013

The Sunshine Economy: Fashion

Rene Ruiz
Credit Tom Hudson

Rene Ruiz makes women's dresses. Fancy dresses. In the picture to the right, he is standing with a new spring 2014 design. Ruiz designs and makes them in Hialeah. Ruiz grew up here and as his fashion design business began taking off with merchandise showing up in Neiman Marcus stores, he decided he wanted to stay in South Florida.

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8:23 am
Mon August 5, 2013

A High-End Pawnshop For Miami's Rich And Entrepreneurial

These Versace plates have a retail price of $2,600. At Midtown Pawn Boutique they are $1,650.

On Northwest 36th Street, between Wynwood and the Design District, there’s a wall mural depicting a highly stylized Queen Isabella, the Spanish monarch responsible for fostering Christopher Columbus’ journey to the New World.

The mural is a fitting metaphor for Miami for a few reasons; it’s a city which houses the wealthiest of the world, back-dropped with the mystique of frontier land.

The mural was painted by local artist Diana Contreres and is found on the newly constructed Midtown Pawn Boutique, a high-end pawnshop that hopes to serve the rich and entrepreneurial.

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8:00 am
Sun August 4, 2013

Sue Scott Leaves Them Laughing on A Prairie Home Companion

Sue Scott and the Royal Academy of Radio Actors do their thing on A Prairie Home Companion.

Sue Scott is a familiar voice to fans of A Prairie Home Companion.  She is a member of the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, and is heard weekly in such skits as Guy Noir and the Lives of the Cowboys.

On a recent visit to South Florida, Sue and Caroline Breder-Watts chatted about her journey to APHC, and the challenges of doing a live radio show where the script can change in mid-performance!

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Norman Van Aken's A Word On Food
8:00 am
Sat August 3, 2013

Strike Gold With The Heavenly Taste Of Avocados

Click the play button above to hear the radio version of this post.

I was out walking Bounder, the little dog our son Justin brought home from a shelter a few years ago, and was almost back home when I spotted a McArthur Dairy milk crate brimming over with a harvest of 20 or more backyard grown avocados on the edge a neighbor’s lawn.

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