The death toll from this weekend's earthquake in Ecuador has climbed past 350 and continues to rise, while another 2,000 or more people are injured.

Media images portray devastation far beyond what anyone could have imagined. And the death toll is only expected to increase, especially in the hard-hit coastal region.

With the three main roads to the coastal region of the country closed down, reaching the most rural and affected areas seems to be one of the biggest challenges for search and rescue teams working to free people trapped beneath collapsed buildings.

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There are unwritten rules to get by in the city. Any city.

In Boston, you have to step out into traffic before it will stop for you in a crosswalk. If you don't you'll never get across.

But there are certain rules, or instructions, that are written. For London subway riders, this rule is escalator etiquette on the Tube.

A local explained it to me this way: "It's hell, but we do it in a civilized way."

The Knight Foundation recently announced the winners of the Knight Cities Challenge. Thirty-seven winners from across the country will share $5 million for their projects geared to create more vibrancy and livable spaces. Friends of the Underline was one of three South Florida winners. That's a project designed by Miami resident Meg Daly to create a 10-mile linear park under the Miami-Dade Metrorail.  

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The Florida Roundup looks at Carnival’s Cuba controversy, management trouble at Broward Health, and modified mosquitoes in the Keys.

Cruise giant Carnival faces a lawsuit and protests over its plans to sail from Miami to Cuba starting May 1st - and its willingness to follow Cuban law by not allowing Cuban-born Americans to cruise.

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What should a school do when parents don’t want their kids to take a standardized test?  Public school students across Florida are in the midst of testing season, and state law says the tests are mandatory; there’s no formal mechanism to “opt out.” But plenty of Florida parents are instructing their children to do just that.

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In 2003, while I was growing up in Brentwood, New York, a suburban town on Long Island, my hometown underwent a dramatic cultural shift. My high school classmates suddenly became obsessed with a 28-year-old hip hop artist from ‘Southside’ Jamaica, Queens.

It’s been 13 years since the release of 50 Cent’s debut album, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin," which to date has sold more than 8.4 million copies. To me, though, the album is a reminder of  a time in my hometown where music began to imitate life: Gang violence became the norm.

'Two Friends' Veloso And Gil Bring Brazil's Tropicália Songs To Miami

Apr 18, 2016
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Two Brazilian musical icons performed in South Florida over the weekend. In their heyday they were as important to Latin American music as the Beatles were to rock and roll.

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil are both 73 today. But they haven’t slowed down. They’ve just released a live, acoustic retrospective album of their songs called “Two Friends, One Century of Music.”


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When children and teenagers die, they’re remembered for what they were--kids who loved cartoons, school and sports.

In the past decade, more than 300 children and teens have been killed by gun violence in Miami-Dade County.

Terry Wright, owner of the Wright & Young Funeral Home  in North Miami-Dade, planned the funerals for some of  those children whose lives were cut short by senseless acts of violence.

And even though his business is death, Wright struggles with the homegoing services for  kids.