Topical Currents
1:00 pm
Tue July 29, 2014

A Love Story On Death Row

“Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row.”

07/29/14 - Damien Echols spent eighteen years on death row for murders he did not commit.  Join us for Tuesday’s Topical Currents when we speak with Echols - one of the infamous West Memphis Three - and the woman who spearheaded the 16 year effort to secure his release from prison, Lorri Davis.  They married in a Buddhist Ceremony at Tucker Maximum Security Unit. Their collection of love letters during these harrowing years have been compiled into the book “Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row.”  Listen in to Topical Currents Tuesday at 1pm.

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6:46 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

How Mosquitoes Helped Bring The World Air Conditioning

Dr. John Gorrie's ice machine is on display at John Gorrie Museum State Park in Apalachicola, FL.
Credit mamabird50/flickr

Summer in the South can be unbearable without air conditioning. That’s why folks like Sam Hancock stay busy. He’s tuning up an air conditioner at a home in Tallahassee, and it’s very hot.

“Most days it is. Attics are the worst,” says Hancock, a service technician with Barineau Heating and Air Conditioning. He’s among the more than 300,000 people in the United States employed in the industry.

“My father-in-law’s from Miami,” Hancock says. “He started me in this, trained me up hands-on, came up learning the trade and been doing it for 18 years now.”

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6:34 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

An Appreciation Of Film Composer Jerry Goldsmith

Composer Jerry Goldsmith doing what he loved best.

The late Jerry Goldsmith was one of the most gifted and versatile film composers of the 20th Century.

Here's an appreciation by Scott Eyman, author of the recent New York Times best-seller "John Wayne: The Life and Legend."

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Amendment Two
6:30 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

Pollsters Say Medical Marijuana Support Runs High In Most Florida Demographic Groups

GETTING WELL: Dorothy Short keeps symptoms at bay in this shot from the 1938 exploitation film "Reefer Madness." New polls show medical marijuana polling at around 88 percent with smaller majorities in favor of legal recreational pot.
Credit Reefer Madness/public domain

If the latest poll is believable, nearly nine out of 10 Floridians are prepared to vote "yes" on the medical marijuana Amendment 2 in November.

Quinnipiac pollsters in Florida surveyed 1,251 registered voters on the medical marijuana question. The result? Overwhelming support: about 88 percent in favor.

Voters younger than 30 were the most enthusiastic, with 95 percent in favor. Voters older than 65 were the least supportive -- but, even there, the yeses were 83 percent of the total.

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6:03 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

Cruise Passengers Call For Regulation, Industry Disagrees

The Cruise Lines International Association calls the Cruise Passenger Protection Act 'a solution in search of a problem.'
Credit Ines Hegedus-Garcia /

A bill that would lead to better protections for cruise passengers has yet to move forward in Congress.

Last week, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing on cruise passenger safety. The hearing was called by committee chairman and senator Jay Rockefeller from West Virginia, who sponsored the Cruise Passenger Protection Act. 

At the hearing, lawyer and International Cruise Victims Association board member Philip Gerson testified. He is the legal representative of a 15-year-old victim of rape on a cruise ship. 

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StateImpact Florida
5:53 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

Algebra Project Teaches Miami Kids To Write Better Math Problems

Algebra Project founder Bob Moses.
Credit miller_center / Flickr

Fifty years ago Bob Moses organized volunteers to register voters in Mississippi during the Freedom Summer.

And for decades, Moses has been fighting for civil rights as an educator.

He won a MacArthur Genius Grant to develop a new way to teach algebra in largely low-income and minority schools.

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Topical Currents
1:00 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

Campus Censorship and The End Of American Debate

Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate

07/28/14 - Topical Currents is a rebroadcast with attorney Greg Lukianoff, who specializes in college campus free speech issues. He’s written the book, UNLEARNING LIBERTY:  Campus Censorship & the End of American DebateHe says “the road to censorship is always paved with good intentions.”  And for most people, free speech is extolled . . . until it crosses a personal border.

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The End of the Road
6:48 am
Mon July 28, 2014

FDOT: Florida In Relatively Good Shape If Highway Trust Fund Goes Broke

The fuel tax makes up 90 percent of the Highway Trust Fund.
Credit Just2shutter

While state transportation departments around the country have been scrambling in anticipation of a potential Highway Trust Fund insolvency, Florida officials aren’t sweating quite yet.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that the Highway Trust Fund, which trickles down and helps pay for everything from highways to sidewalks, will run out of money in August. The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a bill that would temporarily fix the problem.

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