07/28/15 - Tuesday on Topical Currents: The State of  Florida has some one BILLION dollars of unclaimed property . . . and some might be yours

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Uber launched a new initiative called Uber Urban Partnership on Monday in a push to expand the ride-sharing service's presence in South Florida -- and on a grand scale.


The initiative, also known as UberUP, aims to hire 10,000 new drivers in the area, providing customers with faster and more reliable service. Likewise, Uber says it hopes that hiring new drivers will create jobs for local communities.


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Every Thursday night, Peggy Mustelier drives to the muggy, buggy edge of the Everglades to visit a man without a country.

A visit to a traditional British seaside town is usually a fairly safe and relaxing, if uneventful way, to spend the summer.

But, in recent weeks a threat to that tranquililty has emerged. Not the weather. Not even soggy fish and chips. Something altogether more menacing: rogue seagulls.

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President Barack Obama's visit to Ethiopia this week has produced a flurry of media coverage about the Horn of Africa nation, a lot of it focused on its lack of democracy.

Many of Ethiopia's neighbors share its autocratic tendencies. But other traits set the Horn of Africa nation apart from other countries in the region. 

Well- known drug trafficker, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, also known as El Chapo, escaped from prison this month via a tunnel. It should have been no surprise, because his cartel specialized in using “supertunnels” to bring drugs and other illicit cargo past the US-Mexican border.

But "supertunnels" are anything but ordinary.


Dennis Benzan is the vice mayor of the Massachusetts city of Cambridge.

He was born in Cambridge, but much of his family is from the Dominican Republic.

In recent weeks he, and a number of other members of Boston's Dominican community, including Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Junot Diaz, have been called traitors against their country.

That's because they've criticized the Dominican Republic's citizenship policies toward people of Haitian descent. Some constituents have vowed to oppose Benzan in the coming elections because of his position.

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The Gottscheers come from a place that no longer exists.

Thousands of them now live in New York City. But until World War II, their home was a mountainous patch of Yugoslavia called Gottschee.

Gottscheers didn't speak Slavic languages like their central European neighbors. Instead, they spoke an ancient dialect of German. Gottschee was a cultural island, and its traditions were unique to the region.

Bobbi Thomason, a second-generation Gottscheer who grew up in the United States, says that as a child, she had trouble understanding where her grandparents came from.

How do we raise a global nation?

7 hours ago
Monica Campbell

It seems obvious to say that to catch a glimpse of America's future, just head to a public school classroom. And those changes are probably bigger than a lot of us realize.

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Last week, aspiring basketball players traveled to Las Vegas, hoping to be drafted onto a professional team in South Korea.

The Korean Basketball League, or KBL, is popular in South Korea. Basketball is the third-most popular sport in the country after soccer and baseball, says Les Carpenter, a sports journalist who was in Las Vegas for the KBL draft and wrote about it for The Guardian.