Hundreds Of Flights Are Canceled
4:38 pm
Mon October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Is Parking Planes Across South Florida

Hundreds of flights are canceled as Hurricane Sandy slams the Northeast.
Credit Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Even though Hurricane Sandy has moved past South Florida, the region's airports continue to feel the storm's effects.

Director of Operations at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Mike Monnemacher, said 152 flights have been canceled at his airport.

"One of our larger markets for this airport is to the Northeast," Monnemacher said. " So, when we're not having any operations into the Washington all the up through Boston area, that's a significant number of aircraft. So, right now we have 35 aircraft that really don't have any place to go."

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School Nutrition
3:52 pm
Mon October 29, 2012

A Fruit Or Vegetable On Every Plate Whether Students Want It Or Not

The Evident Preference: The pizza was eaten, the broccoli wasn't.
Credit Gina Jordan / StateImpact Florida

Under new federal dietary rules, kids in school cafeteria lunch lines will be required to accept a serving of fruit or vegetables. But since there is no corresponding federal power to make them eat it, it’s likely many students will soon be defying their government at lunchtime.

StateImpact education reporter Gina Jordan has been sampling the student opinion of broccoli and peas and stuff:

“I hate them.”

“They’re disgusting.”

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Ballot Measures
3:38 pm
Mon October 29, 2012

A Guide To Miami-Dade's Charter Amendments

Here is a breakdown of the 8 charter amendments in Miami Dade.
Credit Fairfax County /Flickr

Besides the 11 proposed amendments to the state Constitution, Miami-Dade dwellers will also be deciding the fate of 8 proposed charter amendments.

 These charter amendments are significantly shorter than the state-level changes, but there are quite a few of them-- and like most ballot measures, they can be kind of confusing. However, here is our breakdown created with the help of The Florida League of Women Voters' 2012 Voting Guide

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11:30 am
Mon October 29, 2012

Slideshow: A Kendall Lawn Becomes An Edible Garden

Frank Macaluso pulls up a turmeric root from the front yard of his East Kendall home. He has more traditional raised-bed gardens of greens, carrots, leeks, zucchini and other vegetables in the backyard.
Trina Sargalski

Earth Learning, a Miami-based sustainability group which focuses on food and agriculture, hosted the third annual Greater Everglades Community Food Summit, which ended last week. The summit included a tour of local farms and gardens.

The farm tour visited Frank Macaluso's Kendall home. Macaluso has turned his lawn, which sits on an approximately ¾-acre lot, into an edible garden.

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Hurricane Sandy
11:04 am
Mon October 29, 2012

HMS Bounty, Replica Of The Mutiny Ship, Sinks In Sandy's Storm Waters Off Carolina

HMS Bounty: One-third larger than the original to accommodate film cameras, the ship had extensive Florida history.
Credit HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty, a cinematic replica of the ship sailed by Capt. Bligh in a famous 1789 mutiny, has sunk in stormy waters off North Carolina, an apparent casualty of Hurricane Sandy.

The Coast Guard says 14 persons were rescued from lifeboats within sight of the sinking three-masted ship and two others are missing.

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Election 2012
9:55 am
Mon October 29, 2012

'Souls To The Polls' Boosted Democratic Showing In Weekend Early Voting

Helping The Early Vote: MSNBC show host and activist Al Sharpton helped to organize a Souls to the Polls caravan from New Generation Baptist Church in Opa-locka.
Credit Rev. Al Sharpton on Twitter

The scorecard from this weekend's early voting in Florida is unclear this Monday morning but there was a persuasive impression -- subject to fact-finding -- that Democrats had at least won the initial show-up competition. But the Miami Herald reports Republicans excelled in their own specialty, absentee voting:

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8:21 am
Mon October 29, 2012

NEWSCAST: Sen. Marco Rubio's Daughter Hospitalized; Coastal Flood Advisory; Home Sales Are Up

Amanda Rubio, 12, remains hospitalized in fair condition with a head injury following a golf cart accident over the weekend. A spokesperson for Senator Marco Rubio says the long term prognosis is positive for the Senator's oldest daughter. 

Remnants of Hurricane Sandy have left us in South Florida with gusty winds, big waves and large swells.

That has resulted in some coastal flooding along the Atlantic seaboard.  And a coastal flood advisory is in effect until 10 a.m. this morning.  

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7:29 am
Mon October 29, 2012

NEWSCAST: Thousands of South Floridians Vote Early; Others Wonder Where Their Absentee Ballots Are

More than 51,000 people in Miami-Dade County waited in long lines Saturday and Sunday to vote early. About 54,000 people in Broward County cast their ballots and about 21,000 in Palm Beach County. 

Meanwhile, many others in South Florida are still wondering where their absentee ballots are. 

Legal expert Lee Rowland with the Brennan Center for Justice tells us where Floridians can track their absentee ballots online. 

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The Florida Roundup
6:25 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

Absentee, Early Or Day-Of: Florida Voters Tell Us What They Plan

Over a million absentee ballots have already been cast.
Credit UN1SON

Early voting starts tomorrow, and many say they plan on taking advantage of the pre-Election Day hours.  Mary from North Miami writes:

I like the feeling of participation and community that comes with standing in line with neighbors I don't even know. But there's a limit to the number of hours I want to devote to this experience, and I want to make sure my vote gets in, so I'll probably be voting early next week.

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5:35 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

What Your Options Are If You Don't Get Your Absentee Ballot

Don't worry if you don't get your absentee ballot-- you still have options.
Credit Jeff Gitchel/Flickr

There are reports flying around in Broward County that a lot of people are not getting their absentee ballots.

However, there is no reason to worry.

Broward County is not having any problems getting absentee ballots out-- there is just a lot people requesting ballots (more than usual) and the county is working to get those out.

Broward County is one of the biggest counties in the state-- so, even if just a small percentage of people haven't gotten their ballots, yet, it turns out to be a lot of people.

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The Florida Roundup
4:18 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

Voting In Florida Starts This Weekend: What To Expect

Line of early voters in 2008 in Plantation. This year, early voting starts on Saturday.
Credit Alex Johnson

On The Florida Roundup, host Phil Latzman hears from you about how you're planning to vote - by absentee ballot, early voting or Election Day at your polling place.  Already Florida has had about 1.1 million votes cast by absentee ballot.

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4:09 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

Florida Amendments: Why There's No Amendment 7

Don't worry if Amendment 7 isn't on your ballot, because it doesn't exist.
Credit Morten Wulff/ Flickr

For those of you currently mulling over your absentee ballot or preparing to head over to the polls this coming week, don't be alarmed when you get to the Constitutional amendments on your ballot.

You will notice that there are amendments listed one through twelve-- but there's no Amendment 7.

 No worries, though. Your ballot isn't defective, there just is no Amendment 7 this year.

 This is why:

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12:44 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

Palm Beach County GOP On Ballot Blunder: 'Here We Go Again'

Credit FlickR/DonkeyHotey

From the county that brought us hanging chads  12 years ago -- a new voting snafu.

This time, the problem in Palm Beach County is 27,000 misprinted absentee ballots that can't be read by voting tabulation machines.

But Florida Republicans and Democrats say the situation doesn't appear as grave as the butterfly ballot fiasco that threw the 2000 Presidential Election into turmoil.

Palm Beach County GOP Chair Sid Dinerstein says when he heard about the mishap, his first reaction was, "Here we go again."

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Smash and Grab Fundraiser
12:30 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

'Smash and Grab' Fundraiser Attracts Artists and Collectors Alike

artwork by Farley Aguilar

Surviving fifteen years as an art space in Miami unofficially grants you the status of cultural institution.  Starting your fifteenth year in a new location with twice the space only cements it.  

Locust Projects of Miami is well poised for longevity as it prepares for both its 15th anniversary, and the 10th edition of it’s ‘Smash and Grab’ signature fundraising event.

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Dance For Democracy
11:30 am
Fri October 26, 2012

How To Dance To The Preamble Of The United States Constitution

Urban Bush Women dance company rehearsal for Saturday's performance
Jordan Levin

The endless election season is enough to turn anyone cynical about politics. But for a group of female South Dade migrant workers, the idea of democracy is still a wonder.

They've been exploring it at a dance workshop sponsored by Miami-Dade College and the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center. It’s part of the “Are We Democracy” workshop in Cutler Bay. The program was created by the New York dance troupe Urban Bush Women. The idea is to make democracy personal and concrete for everyone.

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