Miami Book Fair International
10:29 am
Sat November 17, 2012

Pushing And Shoving For Bargain Books

Credit Sammy Mack

So I didn't make it far. I walked into the book fair and the first thing I saw was a sign that read, "Hardcover books $2, All others $1," a great deal from the Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library. In a well-organized tent, they had books lined up and classified as "Hardcover," "Classics," "Popular," and "Spanish." I expected to see a lot of names of authors I didn't know, names of authors I did know and might not like, or perhaps some obscure gardening books, but the Friends of the MDPC did a really great job getting their hands on some legitimately covetable used books. 

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5:46 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

NEWSCAST: Allen West Loses Recount Hearing

Allen West's Supporters Stand By Their Man.
Credit mnassal

Two strikes and he may be out. A second judge has ruled that he will not hear GOP Congressman Allen West's request for a recount, virtually assuring Patrick Murphy of the District 18 Congressional seat.  It happened in St.

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The Florida Roundup
5:00 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

What's Going On With Obamacare, Early Voting And The Miami Marlins

The Marlins' purge of some of its top players has upset fans and local officials still fuming over what some viewed as a lopsided stadium deal between the team's owner and the city and county.
Credit Bob B. Brown

This week on The Florida Roundup:  Have state GOP leaders taken the election as a cue to change course? 

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Dogs On Roofs
1:57 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

Folks, Soon You Might Not Be Able To Keep Your Dog On Your Roof

County Commissioners are a step closer to outlawing dogs on roofs.
Credit Sheila Dee /Flickr

Remember back in August when there was a community uproar because someone left a dog on a roof of a factory building?

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The Florida Vote
1:30 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

Why The Lines Were Long: Florida Lacks A Useful Booths-To-Voters Formula

A Deficit Of Booths? Voters stacked up in Lakeland, first to vote, then to get their ballots scanned.
Credit Chuck Welch on flickr

Apart from the politics and the voting law that caused so many voting problems, the Associated Press is pinpointing another reason for Florida's election day train wreck.

Basically, the state has no central formula for allocating voters to precincts or booths and scanners to voters.

It's another one of those stories about how bad Florida is at something that other states have been on top of for years:

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12:38 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

Another Oil Rig Fire In The Gulf

Another oil rig in the Gulf has problems. Four people are sent to the hospital and 2 are presumed missing.
Credit SkyTruth /Flickr

Two years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, another oil rig has caught fire in the Gulf just off the Louisiana shore today.

According to the Associated Press,

Coast Guard officials say an oil rig has exploded off the coast of Louisiana, sending four people to hospitals. Two are believed to be missing.

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Miami Book Fair International
12:00 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

The Story Doesn’t End Here: Remix A Story With Junot Díaz

This story was pregnant with unanswered questions.
Credit duron123 /

Earlier this week, we asked you to help us tell a story—140 characters at a time—in honor of Miami Book Fair International.

We tweeted out the first line, given to us by Pulitzer-winning author Junot Díaz: “The dogs hadn’t barked all week.”

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Election 2012
11:00 am
Fri November 16, 2012

What Marco Rubio Has To Say About Romney And 'Obama's Gifts'

Sen. Marco Rubio steps back from Romney's comments.
Credit Gage Skidmore /Flickr

Following his loss to President Obama for the Presidency, Mitt Romney didn't have a lot of nice things to say.

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Florida Democrats
10:00 am
Fri November 16, 2012

Pinecrest Woman Gets Closer To Becoming State Democratic Party Chair

Annette Taddeo: A frequent Obama surrogate, she's running for the state Democratic Party chair.
Credit Taddeo Congressional campaign

Annette Taddeo's race to become the chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party just got a little easier. 

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Affordable Care Act
9:30 am
Fri November 16, 2012

New Studies And Former Foes Agree: Obamacare Would Be Good For Florida

Post-election, a bump for the health care law.

What? You mean Obamacare's Medicaid expansion WON'T blow a hole in our state budget after all?

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7:50 am
Fri November 16, 2012

Newscast: Rise In Number of South Florida Food Stamp Recipients

Credit FlickR/NCReedplayer

One in five Floridians is currently receiving food stamp benefits and the number is rising in South Florida.   But tucked into a recent report by the Department of Children and Families, are some encouraging signs of economic recovery.  

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7:05 am
Fri November 16, 2012

Newscast: Allen West Takes Election Fight To Court Again

Congressman Allen West
Credit U.S. House of Representatives

Lawyers for Congressman Allen West will be in a St. Lucie County courtroom today to try to get a full recount in his contest with Democrat Patrick Murphy.

The attorneys will be demanding that elections officials recount early voting ballots in the race for Florida's 18th Congressional District.

In a similar legal challenge last week, a Palm Beach County judge dismissed West's motion to impound ballots and voting machines for a possible recount.

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South Florida Arts Beat
6:41 am
Fri November 16, 2012

Tobacco Road's 100th Anniversary

Tobacco Road
Ed Bell

It’s been a watering hole that has seen Miami grow from an insect-infested swamp town to a city of millions, gateway to Latin America. It’s weathered the worst of Miami and the best – all to the beat of South Florida’s music scene. No pretensions in this joint. It’s real, it’s genuine – it’s Tobacco Road. South Florida Arts Beat contributor, Chris DeAngelis, reveals the life of Miami’s booze and blues legend.

Written by Chris DeAngelis, produced and hosted by Ed Bell for WLRN’s South Florida Arts Beat.

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6:13 pm
Thu November 15, 2012

NEWSCAST: Awkward! Both West and Murphy In Washington, D.C.


For those of you who just don't want to let this election season go, then we have the story  for you. Congressman Allen West has one last chance to pull out a win in the 18th congressional district. The race still hasn't been certified.  Lawyers for West are scheduled to be in court in St. Lucie County on 

Friday to try to get a full recount in his contest with Democrat Patrick Murphy, who is so convinced he's won the seat that he's already gone to Congressional freshman orientation.

 Both West and Murphy are now in Washington, D.C. 

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Recession Trends
2:53 pm
Thu November 15, 2012

One In Five Floridians On Food Stamps

Credit NDReedplayer

One in five Floridians - about 3.6 million - is receiving food stamp benefits and the number is rising in South Florida, according to new data released by the state..

Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties all saw increased enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in October.

The Sun Sentinel reports that the trend is particularly troubling for Broward County

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