Membership FAQs

Q. How do I reach the Membership Department if I have questions about my membership? 
A. Just call our membership mailbox at (305) 350-7980, 24 hours a day. Leave your name and number and your call will be returned within one business day. Our goal is to answer your question or solve your problem on the first try. You may also email us at 

Q. How long is my membership valid? A. Membership extends for one year from the date of your pledge. 
A. Membership extends for one year from the date of your pledge.

Q. May I show my support for both TV and Radio? 
A. Of course! You may become a member of Channel 17 or 91.3 FM in separate membership accounts. If you like, we'll make sure you don't get duplicate mailings. 

Q. Why does WLRN ask for financial support in addition to my annual membership? 
A. The additional gifts of our members are an important element in maintaining a balanced budget. They may take many forms as a challenge grant, an upgrade to a higher membership level, or a year-end tax-saving gift. We count on a certain amount of these each year, based on past experience, to meet our financial goals. These aren't "extra" dollars. They all go to support the radio and television services our members depend upon and appreciate. 

Q: Is My Donation tax deductible?
A. Contributions to WLRN are tax-deductible. However, IRS regulations require that your charitable deductions be reduced by the Fair Market Value of any goods or services you receive as a result of the contributions. The Fair Market Value assigned to an item by its manufacturer is the reasonable retail price if you were to buy that item in a store. If you wish to take the full tax deduction for your WLRN contribution, you must refuse all premiums before we mail them or return them to us unopened. For any additional tax information, we urge you to consult your personal financial advisor.

Q: Why does WLRN have on-air membership drives?
A. A substantial portion of WLRN's total funding comes from viewers and listeners like you. On-air pledge drives are the way we find those people, and how they find us. In fact, most of our fundraising is managed online and by mail. But membership drives are an invitation to others to join you in supporting quality programming. Without them, we simply couldn't deliver everything you've come to expect from WLRN.

Pledge drives are key to the concept of non-commercial, audience-driven public broadcasting. It's the place where we have the chance to meet you. And it's your opportunity to direct some of your tax-deductible dollars to something that matters to you. 

Q: How long does it take to receive premiums ordered during a pledge drive? 
A. The answer varies. We are constantly working to speed delivery of your DVD, book, or other gift. We maintain a reasonable stock of anything we can, while other items are often subject to the production schedules of program producers and other providers. We've built a network of suppliers and shipping services to bring you specialized keepsakes from many sources, often shipped to you directly by the source. If your item has encountered a significant delay, we'll send a postcard to let you know.
For pledges on the monthly installment plan, we do require that one-half of the total pledge be paid before the item is shipped. Your WLRN Magazine subscription will begin within two months of the time your first pledge payment was made, and usually sooner. 

Q: Do I get a receipt for my contribution? 
A. We send a confirmation and thank-you for each contribution made during a pledge drive. In addition, and in accordance with IRS rules, we mail a tax receipt for every pledge of $75 or more. These are sent in mid-January for the preceding year. We are happy to send additional receipts upon request. 

Donor confidentiality
Any disclosure of your support is entirely under your control. Please see our privacy policy.
When contributors are acknowledged publicly, as is often the case with Circle of Friends members, it is only done with their prior permission.