Wynwood http://wlrn.org en Head To Your Local Brewery For... A Yoga Class? http://wlrn.org/post/head-your-local-brewery-yoga-class <p><em>Click through the photos above.</em></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Shelah Davis is a professional yoga teacher who spends her 9-to-5 at a fitness studio in Florida City. But since the fall of 2013, she's been hauling her mats to </span>microbreweries<span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;from Homestead to Oakland Park.</span></p><p>She founded <a href="http://www.shelahdavis.com/om-brew-yoga.html" target="_blank">Om Brew Yoga</a> -- so far the only yoga classes offered at South Florida breweries -- after learning of the practice in an established craft-beer state.</p> Tue, 15 Apr 2014 02:45:44 +0000 Maria Murriel 30802 at http://wlrn.org Head To Your Local Brewery For... A Yoga Class? Miami Beach Tech Hub Responds To Mayor With Invitation http://wlrn.org/post/miami-beach-tech-hub-responds-mayor-invitation <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">A Miami Beach tech company invited Mayor Philip Levine to their lab for a visit this week in response to comments Levine made at the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting last month. Levine said he could not see Miami Beach becoming a tech hub.</span></p><p>"It's the dumbest idea in the world," Levine said at the Mayors meeting, according to the Washington Post. "People cling on to things that are not the highest and best use for their city. Miami Beach is never going to be a high tech hub. As much as it sounds great, it's sexy, that's not who we are."</p> Wed, 26 Feb 2014 22:47:32 +0000 Hillary Lindwall 28467 at http://wlrn.org Miami Beach Tech Hub Responds To Mayor With Invitation Silent, Black-And-White 'Visitors' Arrive At O Cinema http://wlrn.org/post/silent-black-and-white-visitors-arrive-o-cinema <p></p><p>Humanity, its attachment to technology and the widespread impact this relationship produces are all examined in Godfrey Reggio's film "Visitors" - without a single line of dialogue.</p><p>"Visitors" treads&nbsp; "the line between video art and art cinema"&nbsp; and is an "amazing audio and video experience," says Kareem Tabsch, co-founder and director of <a href="https://www.o-cinema.org/" target="_blank">O Cinema,</a> where the film is being screened.</p><p>The only music and sound in the 90-minute, black-and-white film were composed by Phillip Glass.</p> Thu, 20 Feb 2014 23:43:25 +0000 Diego Saldaña-Rojas 28204 at http://wlrn.org Silent, Black-And-White 'Visitors' Arrive At O Cinema WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Feb. 10-14 http://wlrn.org/post/wlrns-five-most-popular-stories-feb-10-14 <p></p><p>The death -- or not -- of Wynwood is our most popular story this week, topping out with more than double the views of the other stories in this list. Perhaps the loss of Wynwood's "authenticity" resonates with more South Floridians than opening relations with Cuba, a move that according to recent surveys most Floridians would back. Read on to find out what else made our list this week.&nbsp;</p> Tue, 18 Feb 2014 18:33:06 +0000 Diego Saldaña-Rojas 28034 at http://wlrn.org WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Feb. 10-14 Third Annual Art Wynwood Celebrates Street Art On Presiden'ts Day Weekend http://wlrn.org/post/third-annual-art-wynwood-celebrates-street-art-presidents-day-weekend <p>This weekend, 70 galleries from all over the world -- including 17 galleries from South Florida -- will feature modern works from emerging street artists in the third annual<a href="http://www.artwynwood.com/" target="_blank"> Art Wynwood</a>.</p><p>The event celebrates the legitimacy and rising popularity of street art and graffiti -- Art Wynwood&nbsp;also claims to be the only street art fair in the world. Organizers intend to give street artists a platform to show their works to an international audience.</p> Fri, 14 Feb 2014 13:49:37 +0000 Diego Saldaña-Rojas 27382 at http://wlrn.org Third Annual Art Wynwood Celebrates Street Art On Presiden'ts Day Weekend Wynwood Is Dead. Long Live Wynwood. http://wlrn.org/post/wynwood-dead-long-live-wynwood <p>There are an exasperating amount of think pieces on the Internet about Wynwood. Its rise, fall, flourish and continued economic growth have all been continually documented both locally and across the world. There has been change recently and people have noticed.&nbsp; Businesses never thought possible are moving in while most of the serious, professional artists have physically moved their studios downtown, to Little Haiti and even Opa-Locka.</p> Thu, 06 Feb 2014 05:28:03 +0000 Nathaniel Sandler 27480 at http://wlrn.org Wynwood Is Dead. Long Live Wynwood. Hackathon For Cuba Developers Try To Free The Island's Internet http://wlrn.org/post/hackathon-cuba-developers-try-free-islands-internet <p>At&nbsp;<a href="http://thelabmiami.com/" style="line-height: 1.5;">LAB Miami</a><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;in&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Wynwood</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;this past weekend, local</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;"> software developers and designers formed teams to compete for the best app that would give Cubans on the island uncensored I</span>nternet<span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;access,</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;calling it the first ever “Cuba Hackathon.”</span></p> Tue, 04 Feb 2014 04:31:58 +0000 Jessica Meszaros 27383 at http://wlrn.org Hackathon For Cuba Developers Try To Free The Island's Internet Wynwood Now Banking -- In Style http://wlrn.org/post/wynwood-now-banking-style <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">A bank probably is not among the places you'd think of to see contemporary art. The traditional brick-and-mortar corner bank is more of a generic space with the usual teller windows, cubicles and offices. But St. Petersburg-based </span>C1<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Bank has turned the established bank space inside out for its first branch in South Florida.</span></p> Tue, 04 Feb 2014 04:16:32 +0000 Tom Hudson 27384 at http://wlrn.org Wynwood Now Banking -- In Style WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories For Dec. 23-27 http://wlrn.org/post/wlrns-five-most-popular-stories-dec-23-27 <p>I'm digital editor here, and this week I was particularly proud of the WLRN&nbsp;news team for a policy-changing story that made it to our top five. You may have heard us talk about it on the Florida Roundup last week: A majority African-American school in Jacksonville will change its name, currently that of an early Ku Klux Klan leader. Find the details below, but not before the top story of the week:<br /> Fri, 27 Dec 2013 13:51:25 +0000 Maria Murriel 25566 at http://wlrn.org WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories For Dec. 23-27 Wynwood Blares Miami's Booty-Bass Past From The Boombox Building Near I-95 http://wlrn.org/post/wynwood-blares-miamis-booty-bass-past-boombox-building-near-i-95 <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;</span>Wynwood is Miami’s gritty art safari. On the edge of Overtown and downtown, this neighborhood beckons crews of artists – local and international -- who come here to paint wild and stunning designs on decrepit walls.</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">With each spray can and paint roller, street artists spawned a new life to the district’s 30 or so blocks.</span></p> Mon, 16 Dec 2013 23:00:00 +0000 Andrea Richard 24638 at http://wlrn.org Wynwood Blares Miami's Booty-Bass Past From The Boombox Building Near I-95 Beyond Basel: The Art Market in South Florida http://wlrn.org/post/beyond-basel-art-market-south-florida <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Emmett Moore is a South Florida artist through and through. He grew up in Miami and returned after college. That's when he set out to become an artist full-time. It's still early in his career but so far he's making it work: His work has been exhibited at a few art galleries, including </span><a href="http://gallerydiet.com/" style="line-height: 1.5;" target="_blank">Gallery Diet</a><span style="line-height: 1.5;"> in Miami's </span>Wynwood<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> neighborhood.</span></p> Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:57:15 +0000 Tom Hudson 24766 at http://wlrn.org Beyond Basel: The Art Market in South Florida PHOTOS: The People Of Basel As Art http://wlrn.org/post/photos-people-basel-art <p>Art Basel long ago&nbsp;<a href="http://wlrn.org/post/basel-expanded-beyond-beach-miami-became-its-muse">grew beyond&nbsp;the Miami Beach Convention Center fair</a>,&nbsp;and it has long been about more than just the art. Enough so that&nbsp;<a href="http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/01/04/3168451/in-miamis-wynwood-district-the.html">p</a><a href="http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/01/04/3168451/in-miamis-wynwood-district-the.html">urists have complained</a>&nbsp;about Miami's arts culture becoming an excuse for the kind of hyped-up parties that gave the area its shallow reputation.</p> Mon, 09 Dec 2013 05:51:31 +0000 Maria Murriel 24814 at http://wlrn.org PHOTOS: The People Of Basel As Art One Man's Trash Is Another Man's ... Artwork? http://wlrn.org/post/one-mans-trash-another-mans-artwork <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">There’s no question that Art Basel brings plenty of people -- and their stuff -- to </span>Wynwood<span style="line-height: 1.5;">. The question is: How do you keep the area clean?</span></p> Fri, 06 Dec 2013 14:49:22 +0000 Rachel Morello 24632 at http://wlrn.org One Man's Trash Is Another Man's ... Artwork? Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Wynwood’s Evolving Street Art http://wlrn.org/post/now-you-see-it-now-you-don-t-wynwood-s-evolving-street-art <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">If you’ve wandered around </span>Wynwood<span style="line-height: 1.5;">, chances are you’ve noticed all the murals. And if you wander around there months later, you'll probably notice a lot of them are gone.</span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">And when Art Basel comes around, </span>Wynwood<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> is like a whole new place.</span><br /><br />“It’s temporary. It’s just for the moment just so you can feel it and breathe it and do it and then you let it go,” muralist Kazilla says.</p> Thu, 05 Dec 2013 21:12:09 +0000 Julia Duba 24493 at http://wlrn.org Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Wynwood’s Evolving Street Art As Basel Expanded Beyond The Beach, Miami Became Its Muse http://wlrn.org/post/basel-expanded-beyond-beach-miami-became-its-muse <p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.4318181818181819;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:13pt;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-53313c66-c485-35bd-a88f-38087613467f"><span style="font-size: 15px; font-family: Georgia; background-color: transparent; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Basel is back in town and the annual artistic spotlight is swiveling around Miami, highlighting nooks and crannies the city normally passes by with nonchalance. Now in its 12th year, Art Basel Miami Beach has not only grown, but changed the landscape of the city and South Florida. </span></span></p> Thu, 05 Dec 2013 21:01:15 +0000 Nathaniel Sandler 24607 at http://wlrn.org As Basel Expanded Beyond The Beach, Miami Became Its Muse