Equal Opportunity Employment Reports


EEO Public File Report

October 1, 2016

This EEO Public File Report is filed in Stations WLRN-FM’s, WKWM’s, and WLRN-TV’s Public Inspection file pursuant to Section 73.2080(c)(6) of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules.

Since October 2015, stations WLRN-FM, WKWM and WLRN-TV have not filled any full time vacancies.

Management level personnel of MDCPS, including managers at WLRN-FM, WKWM and WLRN-TV, are given opportunities in training methods of ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity and preventing discrimination.

As of February 1, 2016, WLRN TV, WLRN FM, and WKWM-FM successfully completed the Florida Association of Broadcasters/FCC “Alternative Inspection Program” and are certified as compliant with applicable FCC Licensee requirements.

On April 18, 2016 WLRN Editorial Director, Ms. Alicia Zuckerman, attended a special National Public Radio Diversity Training workshop for news personnel at WUSF in Tampa.  The workshop was conducted by Mr. Keith Woods, Vice President, Diversity in News and Operations, NPR and Mr. Luis Clemens, Senior Editor for Diversity, NPR News.

On April 19, 2016 WLRN General Manager, Mr. John LaBonia, attended a special National Public Radio Diversity Training workshop for general managers at WUSF in Tampa.  The workshop was conducted by Mr. Keith Woods, Vice President, Diversity in News and Operations, NPR and Mr. Luis Clemens, Senior Editor for Diversity, NPR News.

On June 20, 2016 WLRN managers and supervisors attended “Leadership 2020: Managing in a Changing Environment”, a 3-hour leadership development workshop that provided strategic insights into how to successfully manage public media talent in a rapidly changing demographic and media environment. Today's leaders face a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, or VUCA, as the military has coined it. The workshop explored such topics as:

  • How leadership demands are changing as we progress through the 21st Century
  • Attracting and retaining talent for a robust leadership pipeline in a non-profit environment
  • Investing now in a diverse talent pool to facilitate success in the next decade - the business imperative for diversity
  • Managing across differences in order to be a more effective leader today.

The session included techniques, tips and case studies and was led by Terri Nimmons, who is a thought leader in executive development and Carlos Sandoval who is Co-Executive Director of Next Generation Leadership.

    During the Term, WLRN participated in the following supplemental recruitment initiatives:

1.    Continuation of an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for employment within public media.

The WLRN Internship Program:

This yearly program, for local university, college, and high school students offers opportunities for unpaid and academic credit internships in various station departments.  The goal of the program  is to provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop practical skills through real work experience.  Staff members who oversee interns often maintain relationships with them for future part-time or fulltime opportunities at WLRN or openings at other broadcast stations in the area.

Since October 2015 the WLRN Internship Program consisted of the following:

Salina Bujosa, iPrep Senior High, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (12 hours per week) October 2015 through June 2016.

Sarj Ramadan, iPrep Senior High, WednesdayThursday-Friday  (12 hours per week)
October 2015 through June 2016.
Dwight Green, iPrep Senior High, Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (12 hours per week) October 2015 through June 2016.

Nacey Fernandez,  iPrep Senior High,  Monday-Wednesday-Friday (6 hours per week) October 2015 through June 2016.

N’agelie Lazo,   iPrep Senior  High, Monday-Wednesday-Thursday (6 hours per week) October 2015 through June 2016.

Valentina Solis, Miami Dade South -- 14 hours/week for 12 weeks, October 2015 – January 2016

Amanda Quinones, Miami Dade South -- 14 hours/week for 12 weeks,October 2015 – January 2016
Stephanie Lewis, Barry University----14 hours/week for 12weeks, October 2015 – January 2016

John Paul, Miami Dade North -- 14 hours/week for 12 weeks, May 2016 – August 2016   

Janeisy Perez, Florida State University  -- 14 hours/week for 12 weeks, May 2016 – August 2016

WLRN Television Production Mentoring:

On a monthly basis, WLRN Production works with various High Schools to have them help us produce a “Live” Broadcast program of “Your School Board in Action”, gavel to gavel coverage of the fourth largest school system’s month board meeting.  Schools involved include:
Mays Conservatory H.S.
Robert Morgan Tech H.S.
Turner Technical H.S.
Mater Academy Charter School
Miami High School
Westland H.S.
Terra Environmental H. S.

We also utilized students from Robert Morgan Technical H.S. to record our coverage of the Martin Luther King Parade. During the year we worked with Florida International University for a Social Media class held at our station and also let student from their Media/Theater Class make mock commercials for the day.

William "Chip" Richards is also serving as President for the Local Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences in addition he also serves as Trustee on the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences based in NYC.

Station Tours:
In April WLRN participated in “Take Your Child to Work Day” providing station tours to over 300 children.

2.    Participation in job fairs by station personnel who have substantial responsibility in the making of hiring decisions.

WLRN provided staff to attend several career day and job fairs to provide information about WLRN and careers in radio, television, and public media.  Schools visited include:

MAST Academy
Dunbar Elementary
Ferguson High School (Agriculture Day)

3.    Participation in other activities designed to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities.

WLRN Journalism Internship program:

The mission of the WLRN internship program is to provide radio and digital journalism experience by working inside the WLRN and Miami Herald newsrooms.  WLRN News offers interns significant professional experience in a supportive environment. These are not coffee-making internships. Interns work with some of the most innovative and passionate professionals in the industry, and receive helpful career guidance throughout the experience.  Internships last 12 weeks, and interns receive a stipend.

Fall 2015 interns:
Alyssa Batista-Mendez, University of Puerto Rico recent graduate -- 20 hours/week for 12 weeks
Racey Milian, Florida International University  -- 20 hours/week for approx. 8 weeks
Spring 2016 interns:
John Power, Florida International University -- 20 hours/week for 12 weeks
Caitlyn Granfield, mid-career -- 20 hours/week for 12 weeks
Kate Stein -- Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism (residency paid through Northwestern)  -- 40 hours/week for 11 weeks.

Summer 2016 interns:
Caitlin Switalski, University of Florida -- 40 hours/week for 12 weeks
Spencer Parts, Princeton University Alumni internship (intern paid through Princeton Alumni and WLRN) 40 hours/week for 8 weeks
Amanda Rabines -- 35 hours/week for 12 weeks, Scripps Howard internship through Florida International University (internship paid through Scripps Howard)
Michal Kranz, UChicago -- 40 hours/week for 12 weeks, University of Chicago internship (internship paid through UC)

Fall 2016 interns:
Rebekah Entralgo, University of Florida recent graduate -- 20 hours/week for 12 weeks
Kyle Holsten, University of Miami -- 20 hours/week for 12 weeks

WLRN youth radio project (students paid through Urgent, Inc.)
In partnership with the organization Urgent, Inc. four teens spent their summer learning how to make radio and tell their stories. Program was run by WLRN's Wilson Sayre. All stories aired on WLRN. Culminated in listening session showcasing student work, open to the public.
Florida International University Journalism program, Fall 2015
FIU radio class held at WLRN. Taught by WLRN's Sammy Mack. (required class for broadcast majors) Guest lectures by WLRN news staff.
Middle school journalism and writing mentor, Tallahassee
Gina Jordan (WLRN Tallahassee desk), ongoing
Panel discussion of the 50th anniversary of Legal Service of Greater Miami
WLRN’s Wilson Sayre, October 2015
Partnership with the Miami Book Fair on Post-Lits project
Audience submission project yielded roughly 600 submissions, including from Lenora B. Smith Elementary school

Culminated in a live event hosted by WLRN’s Alicia Zuckerman, with audience reading their stories at the book fair, November 2015

(Similar project happening now - Fall 2016 - in the run-up to the Book Fair)
WLRN’s Terence Shepherd:
Board of directors, South Florida Black Journalists Association, through December 2015
Next Generation Leadership fellow, Jan-Dec 2016
WLRN’s Nadege Green moderated lecture/demonstrations on black womanhood with guest dance artist Camille A. Brown for Miami-Dade College students. February, 2016
Panel discussion about Transportation and Housing at Miami AIA (American Institute of Architects), WLRN’s Wilson Sayre, March 2016
Leadership Monroe County: Media session presented by WLRN’s Nancy Klingener (Southernmost Bureau), April 2016
O Miami Poetry Festival collaboration
Zip Odes audience submission project yielded more than 1100 submissions
Culminated in a live event with audience reading their poems at the Kampong in Coconut Grove, April 2016
Holmes Elementary School
WLRN’s Nadege Green and Sammy Mack gave a presentation to an elementary school class after several of the students were featured in a story about kids protesting gun violence. April 2016
Panel discussion for the release of Miami Prosperity Study from UM's Metropolitan Center
WLRN’s Wilson Sayre, May 2016
National Association of Hispanic Journalists - South Florida Chapter job fair, May 2016
WLRN staff handed out information regarding internship programs and employment opportunities at the station.
Miami Arts Marketing Project - daylong workshop: “Influence the Influencers”
Alicia Zuckerman, panelist/coach, May 2016
Chicas Poderosas conference , Florida International University
Several WLRN News staff spoke on panels and met with aspiring female journalists of color in an event aimed to empower the next generation of female journalists. May 2016
Miami Herald intern audio journalism workshop/brown bag training, Summer 2016
Led by WLRN’s Alicia Zuckerman and Terence Shepherd
2016 Epidemiology Congress of the Americas
WLRN’s Sammy Mack invited as  pre-conference special guest, June 2016
NPR Audio Storytelling Workshop
WLRN’s Nadege Green, Sammy Mack and Alicia Zuckerman chosen to participate in NPR’s inaugural workshop to develop project on the mental health implications of surviving youth gun violence in Miami.  June 2016
Southern Poverty Law Center
WLRN’s Rowan Moore Gerety spoke about the challenges/opportunities for reporters in doing stories about people going through the criminal justice system. July 2016

Christine DiMattei, guest lecturer, September 2016
University of Miami School of Communications.  
Visual storytelling and biology.  Their class project this semester is "Music and the Brain"
University of Miami Hurricane school newspaper retreat on the topic of digital journalism.
WLRN’s Nadege Green, guest speaker.  September 2016
Barry University
WLRN’s Nadege Green was guest speaker on journalism and radio reporting.  September 2016
WLRN’s Tim Padgett:
Guest speaker - University of Miami newswriting class (Prof Catharine Skipp) - October 2015
Moderator - Miami Chamber of Commerce Goals Conference Cuba panel - June 2016
Panelist - Social Media Week conference, Miami, Cuba entrepreneurs panel - September 2016
WLRN’s Tom Hudson:
Moderator - Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce 2016 Economic Summit - January 2016
Moderator - Equal Rights/Equal Pay debate - The Women's Fund of Miami Dade County - Sept 2015
Moderator - Hispanic Unity of Florida DREAMERS Entrepreneur Awards - Oct 2015
Moderator - Commercial Industrial Association of Florida, transportation panel - Nov 2015
Moderator - South Florida Executives Roundtable - multiple events - 2015 - 2016
Moderator - Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Goals Conference - June 2016.