About Enertips

ENERTIPS is a new and unique animated children’s series that uses wit and imagination to raise awareness about climate change, renewable energy, recycling and sustainability. These are topics of burning interest in the present world we live in, a planet that our children will inhabit and care for in the future. ENERTIPS is great for children ranging between five and nine years of age.

ENERTIPS is a series of animated adventures that invites its viewers to reflect on these topics in a fun and entertaining way, and to help them see the need to develop an active and ecological awareness in the use of energy and care for the environment.

Climate change is happening and “Enertips” is here to help us! Meet the Handy Family – fun, friendly, finger-shaped characters – they will have to face all kinds of adventures related to the energy needs in the life-like city of Tipsville. While making spectators aware of how we can work for a more sustainable world, the Handy family will confront wasteful neighbors, especially the Stickyfingers, and fight against the evil businessman, Darkhand and his sidekick, Backhand, that wants to control the city’s energy. Hi five, Handy!

The director, writer & producer Antoni D’Ocon

Antony D'OconAntoni D’Ocon is one of the most prolific animation professionals in Spain. D’Ocon, an internationally renowned creator, director and producer, began his career in the audiovisual sector when he was merely 17 years old. He produced his first movie and distributed it himself. In 1976 he created the trademark D’Ocon Films.

“For more than 20 years, I have been producing animation TV series that entertains kids, encourage their imagination and educate them with fun and engaging characters and stories. Not only that, but also providing distributors and TV channels with the highest quality in the market and, to do so, being pioneers in new technologies with the first computer-painted animation TV series and, later on, with 3D techniques.” - Antoni D’Ocon

Antoni is the director and producer of the children’s TV series “Enertips” that has been adapted for the US market through a production relationship with Miami PBS member station WLRN. “Enertips” is a new and unique animated children’s series that uses wit and imagination to raise awareness about climate change, renewable energy, recycling and sustainability in a fun and entertaining way. It will premiere on WLRN Channel 17 in April and will be distributed to public television stations nationwide.

D’Ocon Group has produced more than 1,700 episodes and more than 30 movies.

D’Ocon’s organization was established in 1985. In 1989, the company revolutionized the process of animation with an original and flexible production system, patented worldwide as the D’Ocon Animation System.

With one of the most innovative production structures on the market, D’Ocon has been the home of successful professionals, some of whom have moved on to create their own companies or are in the front line of the biggest production studios in the world.

D’Ocon Group has created internationally successful animation series alongside international co-producers such as Universal Studios and Sony in USA; TF1, FR2, Marina and Ellipsanime and M6 in France; BBC and Britt Alcroft in England; RTVE and TV3 in Spain; BKN and Ravensburger in Germany; RAI in Italy and CCTV in Beijing among others.

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