Afghanistan may soon have its first female supreme court judge. 

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani nominated Anisa Rasooli to be one of nine supreme court justices, making Rasooli the first woman to receive this honor.

The nomination, announced at a gathering of diplomats and women's rights activists, must first be approved by the Afghan parliament.

There has already been opposition to the announcement. The Afghan Ulemas Council, a group of clerics, called a meeting with President Ghani to protest the nomination.

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The Fourth of July is an American celebration, but the FIFTH of July just might become another if the US women's soccer team can beat Japan in the finals of the Women's World Cup on Sunday.

Victory for the American women is NOT a given.

Japan beat the US in the 2011 tournament final. But the US beat the Japanese in the 2012 Olympics. So this is payback time for somebody.

The Japanese women’s national team is known as Nadeshiko (なでしこジャパン). This is a term in Japan used to refer to a flower — and to Japanese women. It’s also the name of a famous anime character. 

Pope Francis is visiting Ecuador, among other Latin American countries. It's the first papal visit to Ecuador since the 1980s, and the country’s president Rafael Correa has been personally involved in planning for the past six months, tweeting about it enthusiastically.

Why did we start using fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July?

Jul 3, 2015

Fireworks have been a part of the Fourth of July since the very first anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

The cities of Boston and Philadelphia both included fireworks displays as part of the celebrations of Independence Day in 1777.

One of the Founding Fathers, John Adams, predicted that Independence Day would become America’s greatest holiday. This is what he wrote to his wife Abigail on July 3rd 1776:

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This year's Fourth of July won't be the same for the people of Feltwell, England.

There won't be any fireworks or any of the celebrations that normally are put on by the US Air Force base there. Royal Air Force Feltwell in Norfolk, Britain is used by the US Air Force.

Officials have announced that "due to local threat assessments," all celebrations are canceled.

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Until recently, Colombia — a country once rife with violence — seemed relatively calm. But this summer has changed that, with a string of bombings targeting oil pipelines and now two offices in the capital of Bogota.

The most recent bombings took place Thursday, and targeted a private pension firm called Porvenir. At least seven people were hurt, though none of the injuries were severe.

Camila Kerwin

She was kidnapped by leftist guerrillas at age 11 and held for nearly a year.

Now, 13 years later, she's helping former guerrillas get reintegrated into society.

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Muslim Punk. Yeah, I know the label confuses people.

Just the word punk conjures up angry people. Then you add the word Muslim, and you get angry Muslim punks. It's a difficult stereotype to break.

But check out The Kominas. The name, by the way, means "scoundrels."

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  This holiday weekend is forecast to be a scorcher -  temperatures will hang in the lower 90s. Under a blistering sun, the cool blue water at the pool in Virrick Park might prove to be particularly inviting and, as of Friday, is also free.

 A swimming race involving several local commissioners raised $5,000, enough to waive the $1.00 fee for kids and seniors and $3.00 for adults at this one pool for the entire summer.

What does Independence Day mean for a new citizen?

Jul 3, 2015

July 4 is the day when America became independent, and July 4 is the day when I became an American citizen. It’s a big day for America. It’s a huge day for me.

I’m going to celebrate this day with a bunch of people who are from all around the globe: Colombia, Brazil, Slovakia, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Sweden and of course, the United States.