"Losing feeling in her leg...Just keeps saying, I don't want to die today," a dispatcher with the Orange County Sheriff's department wrote about a 911 caller inside the Pulse Nightclub a half hour after police received reports of shots fired. "Caller in the back room pleading please tell the cops to come," wrote another dispatcher about a separate call. 

Why is ISIS attacking Turkey, a Muslim country?

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Turkey, for a long time, was a beacon of stability between Europe and the Middle East.

Now, the country is caught in a vortex of high tension and overlapping security crises.

Turkey has taken in a huge number of Syrian refugees — approximately 3 million. It’s also under severe pressure from Europe to stem the flow of migrants and jihadists, and yet more pressure from the US to battle ISIS.

If you have been following the Brexit debate, there are probably a couple of names that you've heard a lot.

Two people arguably had the biggest influence in pulling off Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. One is Nigel Farage. The other is Boris Johnson.

Farage started the serious conversation about Brexit by gradually turning it into a big issue with the British public. Johnson pretty much put it to rest last week by effectively leading the campaign that has finally secured it.

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Before Tuesday's attack on the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey was making headlines for a recent diplomatic blitz, extending olive branches to Israel and Russia while continuing its pursuit for membership in the European Union.

Then came the attack.

Three suicide bombers left 42 people dead, more than 230 injured and a nation in mourning.


  Hogfish, an orange fish in the snapper family, may be ugly but they're increasingly popular in the Florida Keys.

That's especially true for people who spearfish, like Lea Moeller of Key West.

"It's one of the only fish that's slow enough for me to shoot," Moeller said. "But it's also delicious."

The number of hogfish caught in federal waters of the Atlantic Ocean last year increased so sharply that the recreational season was closed in August for the first time ever.

If you’re from, say, California or Michigan, would you say you’re a Californian or Michigander first, or an American? You probably haven’t spent all that much time pondering this. But ask a Puerto Rican that question — are you a Puerto Rican or an American first — and the responses can get pretty involved.

At a summer leadership session in San Juan for university students, with the group Puerto Rican Minds in Action, a few college students talked about their identities as Puerto Rican Americans.

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In Latin America, scientists have become more convinced of the link between the mosquito-borne Zika virus and the birth defect known as microcephaly. Colombia is the one country that hasn’t fit the pattern. But that may now be changing.

Microcephaly causes unusually small heads and brains in newborn infants. Many Latin American countries – especially Brazil – have reported cases believed to be related to Zika infection in pregnant women. 

They've been called Toronto's Bonnie and Clyde. Except they are rodents — giant rodents.

Two capybaras made an audacious escape from Toronto’s High Park Zoo on May 24. And the pair was spotted repeatedly by pedestrians in the park.

From Brussels, Brexit looks a lot like Kabuki theater

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Regret is just one feeling in the Brexit vote. The other could be illusion — as in, the whole Brexit vote was one giant hoax. Britain will never actually leave Europe.

That's the take Andrew Moravcsik has on Britain. He's a professor or politics at Princeton and his subject is the European Union.

To him, you should call the whole Brexit drama what it actually is: "Kabuki theater."

courtsey of Royal Caribbean Cruises

Cruise ship giant Royal Caribbean wants to build a new passenger terminal at PortMiami. And it may take away cruise ships that currently dock at Port Everglades.


The new terminal proposed in Miami is designed to handle Royal Caribbean’s largest ships -- the 5,400-passenger Oasis class vessels. Two of those ships now sail out of Fort Lauderdale. A third one will join them at Port Everglades this fall. Royal Caribbean says at least one of its Oasis ships will call its new terminal in Miami home.


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South Floridians are no strangers to mango season - the time of year when round colorful fruit falls from trees in backyards across the region. One local business is taking advantage, and using the fruit almost as currency.



The Whip N’ Dip ice cream shop, 1407 Sunset Dr., Coral Gables,  has a sign in the window that reads: “It’s mango time.” It further invites people to bring in mangoes in exchange for a quart of ice cream.  


With the U.S. Supreme Court striking down Texas abortion restrictions, attention is turning to Florida where a similar measure is set to take effect Friday.  The law’s backers are confident their legislation will survive a court challenge of its own. 

Florida now nearly to 230 cases of the Zika virus, and that number continues to climb. With Florida’s first baby born with a Zika-related birth defect, some are weighing in on a failed attempt in the U.S. Senate Tuesday to advance a House bill aimed at fighting the mosquito-borne disease.

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The death toll in the trio of suicide attacks at Ataturk International Airport on Tuesday climbed to 42 — and more than 230 people were wounded.

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Meriden is traditionally considered to be the center of England, both geographically and as a place that represents the heartbeat of the British people. Most villages and towns demographically similar to Meriden ― white areas with relatively few immigrants ― voted to leave the European Union.

In the days after the EU referendum vote in the UK, some voters in these areas are experiencing self-doubt and even regret. This sentiment is evident on social media, where terms like "Bregret" and "Regrexit" are trending.

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