About Friends Of WLRN

Friends are the people in life you can really count on. And for WLRN, our friends are the viewers and listeners we count on to help create and deliver quality programming. The Friends of WLRN include more than 16,000 families and individuals from all over South Florida, along with hundreds of businesses, all providing crucial funding for WLRN. In return, our friends look to WLRN to entertain them, tell their stories, keep them informed, and lift their spirits.

Your contribution enables us to bring you the best in national and local programs, because all of the programs you love require significant investments on our part. Our national program schedules bring you the best from NPR, PBS, APM, PRI and others, but we pay high annual fees to obtain these programs on your behalf. Your direct financial support is essential.

At the local level, we produce a broad array of programs that focus on the issues and assets of communities all across our region. On radio and television, your membership dollars create comprehensive and insightful coverage of topics that affect your life.

When you make a contribution to Channel 17 or 91.3 WLRN, your funds have a direct and immediate impact on programming. Your support enables the continuous growth of the station to meet the challenges of technology and opportunity. And that's not the only reason to become a partner in our progress. Click here for our member benefits page.

To become a WLRN member, supporter or underwriter, contact us:

Friends of WLRN, Inc.
169 E. Flagler Street, Suite 1400
Miami, FL 33131

Phone: 305-350-7968

Friends Of WLRN Staff

Jorge Perez-Alvarez
Email: jperezalvarez@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7974

Mabel Domenech
Foundation & Corporate Relations Associate
Email: mdomenech@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-749-8500

Barbara Davis
AR/HR Coordinator
Email: bdavis@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7972

Ronnette Ellison
Accounts Payable Assistant
Email: rbynum@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-377-4550

Carolina Falla Flood
Corporate Marketing Representative
Email: cfallaflood@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7969

Lauren Lobel
Corporate Marketing Representative
Email: llobel@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 561-310-6381

Ingrid Hernandez
Underwriting Assistant
Email: ihernandez@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7968

Norvelle Jackson
Director of Membership
Email: njackson@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-377-4525

Ruth M. Hernandez
Database and Marketing Associate
Email: rhernandez@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7980

Delia “Dee” Diaz
Sustaining/Volunteer Coordinator
Email: ddiaz@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 305-350-7979

Caroline Breder-Watts
Pledge Producer
Email: cwatts@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 350-350-7976

Ross Cooper
Corporate Marketing Representative
Email: rcooper@friendsofwlrn.org
Phone: 350-749-8501

Car Donation Program
Phone: 877-537-5277